Do you like TOTO toilet? Are you looking for the one piece toilet design? If you do, this TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 has all the qualities and performance you will be delighted about. The TOTO toilet has been a very popular choice for many families for it has a combination of many interesting features to let it perform very well.

Not surprisingly, most of the users who have bought the toilet have rated it up to 4.5 stars. This is obviously beyond a normal satisfaction. To know deeper of why this happens, you might look at the details below.

Key Features:

Available in six different finishes for selection, TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 has a lovely, stylish design with elongated bowl that fits right to the modern restrooms. That is what catches the eyes of many users in the first place.

However, what that matters even more is the performance of the toilet. The first and foremost to mention is its efficiency. This toilet has the latest design, and it consumes only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It is currently among the most economical restroom toilets available.

In addition, though it consumes much less water, its flushing is made powerful still by the Double Cyclone Flushing Technology. It simply flushes everything away quick. At the same time, besides flushing strong, the test proves that it flushes smoothly and quietly with super clean with the help of SanaGloss.

Comfort is another area we can not miss to mention. This toilet has a very ergonomical design for the bowl and tank in one piece, and even more, it has a universal height of about 16 inch without the seat. These have made comfort happen to users’ sitting on the toilet.

For some specifications, this TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 is made up from Vitreous China for good longevity, and it is available at the dimension of 28.3 x 16.6 x 28.8 inches.

Though the toilet of this toilet is surely reliable, you should be careful with the dimension because it will decide if this TOTO toilet model will fit well to your available restroom space. Lastly, this item makes itself even more reliable when 12 month warranty applies. Users feel more confidence with this.

  • Super Trendy Design
  • Smart Flush that Performs
  • Superior Comfort
  • Outstanding Efficiency
  • Some Find It too High
  • Some Think It is Over-priced

Customer Satisfaction over the Toilet

The customer reviews in general has proven this is a brilliant toilet choice. 73% of all have rated it 5 stars. That is an overwheel positive review from the customers. And, many of them have mentioned they thought the toilet is impressive because it takes much less water per flush.

This efficiency is important to save the environment as well as the bill. Particularly, for Walter, he was extremely please with the toilet. He said the delivery was quick, and he could easily install it. Importantly, everything worked as expected and beyond for him.

What customers think that should be improved

Among all users, there are some who have given this toilet option only three stars, and in that, some has experienced multiple flushing needed to flush everything well while some agree that this toilet design is great for look and performance. However, the price is a bit expensive.