Here are the top reviews of best motorcycle bluetooth headsets to consider if you are seeking for the best quality one for your wear. These products are incredible for both the design and performance. They have been equipped with high technology and advancement. It thus could perform a great work for you. Importantly, these selected best motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets have been placed for sale at a good affordable price you could purchase at an easy decision.

10. Shkbth2 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset

Shkbth2 is a headset that is designed with full duplex wireless Bluetooth intercom, enabling you to use it as voice dial phone call. Also, this item is supported by A2DP Bluetooth, which allow it to work wireless music and audio GPS. Moreover, advanced noise technology helps enhance high-quality supreme sound when receiving calls. More interestingly, full set of necessary tools are installed inside the helmet, fitting into The Ear Well Of All Standard Helmets, where it has speed up to 160km per hour,  8-hour talking time, and 120-hour standby time.

9. Buyee Motorcycle Headset NFC Tech

Buyee is a good Bluetooth headset that offers you almost all functions that you need for ordinary voice-related phone usage. Buyee will be shown in 5 different features. First of all, this item allows the user to free their hands from it while using it for voice dialing, auto receive/reject, hang up call, and dialing the last number. There is a button to press to answer or you can set auto answer using your mobile phone. Next, this item is GPS-supported, which enables you to listen to voice instruction from GPS. Last but not least, the quality of sound and voice is very good with DSP noise production; and it is water-resistant and sun-proof, making it durable.

8. Buyee 2 x BT 1000M Headset Connects

Buyee 2 x BT can be used with multiple types of helmet that has mounting kit. The system is professionally designed with its ability to interrupt music when there is a coming call. Secondly, and specially, you can communicate with one or two headset devices thru intercom with the farthest distance of 3,300 feet from each other. Moreover the microphone and headset are detachable, so do not mess up your pocket with wire. More than that, it allows up to 6 headsets to be connected at the same time. Lastly, it provides a motorcyclist with hands-free communication.

7. Buyee 2x Bt Interphone Bluetooth Headset

Rider to Pillion is a very nice wireless Bluetooth-enabled headset that can connect a cell phone up to 10 meters apart from each other, and for communication via intercom, two cell phones can be connect to each at 800 meters the farthest. Furthermore, it gives you 10 hours of talking time when connected to cell phone, but 6 hours when connected via intercom, and can standby up to 300 hours. Thirdly, you can enjoy listening to music because this item is designed with music controls by its A2DP will enable you to listen to music from your mobile phone, and you can control your music at best.

6. NoiseHush N850-12129 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

NoiseHush N850 is a trendy wireless headset, making it easy to operate your driving with both hands on the motorcycle handles. This item is equipped with such devices as interphone module, AC Charger and USB Cable, Microphone and speaker. For intercom range, it can connect cell phones up to 150 meters from it. It takes 2 hours to get fully charged. For Bluetooth, it has transmission power of class 1 with A2DP, AVRCP and HS/HF Most interestingly, it is compatible with most phones.

5. Buyee Bt Interphone Bluetooth Headset

Buyee Bt Interphone provides a range of up to 10 meters for mobile phone to get connected with it. When using intercom motorcyclists from different motorbike can be connected up to 800 meters. You can use your Bluetooth headset for talking for up to 10 hours when it is connected to the mobile phone, but if you use intercom the amount of talking time will be decreased to 6 hours. It can function as many tasks as calling out, rejecting call, hanging up call, automatically receive phone call, dialing the last number and supporting audio transfer.

4. Sena Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Sena is very stylish for its slim design. It allows communication to be operated between passenger/rider from different bike or between rider and passenger of the same motorcycle. Moreover, its Bluetooth specification is v3.0. More interestingly, the Bluetooth intercom can get your mobile phone connected in a range of 900 meters, equivalent to 980 yards, in an open space. Furthermore, with its ultra slim and lightweight, this item is very suitable for sport bike helmet. More than that, the intercom enable four-way conference.

3. Sena SMH5D-01 Bluetooth Headset

If you are looking for a motorcycle Bluetooth headsets that can keep your passenger on a smooth conversation or much sharing while riding a motorbike, Sena SMH5D is highly recommended. Moreover, you will find it easy to control while riding due to its intuitive user interface resulting from jog dial and big button. Moreover, using intercom, you can connect to your friend on different motorcycle up to 400 meters in distance. Another interesting feature is boom microphone featuring advanced noise control, which help reduce background noise for incoming and outgoing audio.  

2. Sena SMH5D-02 Bluetooth Headset / Intercom (Dual)

Sena SMH5D Full-Face Helmet is specially designed to work in compatibility with full-face helmets. With this Sen SMH5D Full-Face Helmet, equipped with using two-way intercom, you can keep having conversation with your companion in a smooth way even when you are wearing a full-face. Furthermore, the controls button are large, creating an intuitive interface and causing easy control. Moreover, its battery life can span up to 8 hours, and the intercom protocol is universally compatible with cross-band intercom.

1. Sena SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Sena SMH10 is very attractive for its long-range music sharing and 900-meter range for connection via intercom. With 3.0 Bluetooth, you can share and listen to music, participate in a four-way intercom conversation, and make phone calls. Moreover, background noise for incoming and outgoing audio can be reduced with advanced noise control technology. Last but not least, the intercom protocol is universal, so it can be used with every cross-band intercom.