Ice makers are another nice equipment to have in the kitchen. As you are looking for the best one here, you know you need a good quality one. That is the purpose of this review list. We are to bring the top suggestions of best ice machines for sale to you for your consideration. All of the listed best ice machines for sale down here have something great for you, and you will be extremely happy with its quality, design and price. For a particular one you might like, you can check them one by one down here.

10.Ivation Household Ice Maker

Ivation household ice maker is designed with advanced-technology compressor refrigeration for high efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, the push-button is Easy-to-use and it also features the intuitive icon for accurate digital control. The removable tray is included for fast and easy taking. Importantly, the light indicator will alert when water level is low, and ice capacity storage is full. Besides, the shape is compact for easy portability and mobility.  

9. Igloo Ice Maker ICE105B

Igloo Ice Maker ICE105B is able to make two different sizes of ice cubes for your need. It is able to produce up to 26 pounds of ice daily. Furthermore, the storage space can hold up to 1.5 lbs. of ice, so it is easy when you do not need to take ice out from the maker. Plus, it is easy-to-use appliance; you can just plug in and put the water and then you will enjoy drinking the cold drink after waiting just only 6 minutes. Finally, its compact size makes its perfect countertop product.

8. EdgeStar Ice Maker

Edgestar ice maker is constructed with front venting and stainless steel door for high convenience and durability. It features the 0.25 inches water line connection. Moreover, the door is reversible which can be opened on left or right. Its high capacity is able to produce ice with the maximum weight of 12 pounds per day. In addition, ice up to 6 pounds can be stored properly in this product. Finally, when the ice bin is full, it will shut off automatically to save your electricity consumption.

7. Newair AI-215R

Newair AI-215R is able to produce up to 50 pounds of ice per day, so you do not worry about ice shortage while having parties at your ice. Plus, the indicator is equipped to tell the users when the unit need the water refilled or when the ice bin is empty. Importantly, it is designed with the self-cleaning function for hygiene. It comes with the auto shut-off feature for the fact that the ice basket is full and the water level is too low.

6. Ivation Ice Maker

Ivation ice maker comes with two different sizes for your preference. The tray is removable for convenient ice using. Moreover, the touch-button is easy-to-use and durable. Its design is sleek and compact which does not waste the space of your kitchen. Finally, you will be alerted if the water level is too low and there are a lot of ices in the unit.

5. Newair AI-215SS

Newair AI-215SS is the stainless steel construction which is durable and rust-resistant. It features the self-cleaning function which ensures that the ice you get is fresh and safe. Besides, the indicator light will tell you when the water is run out of and no ice is left in the bin. This product comes in complete set, so you just plug in, add water and wait few minutes for the cool ice. Finally, this product is not expensive, so you can try this one for your party at weekend.

4. Smart+ SPP15AIM Ice Maker by Versonel

Versonel ice maker is constructed with 15-inch height which is very suitable for countertop use. With advanced technology, it is able to make ice in just minutes, approximately from 6 to 10 minutes only. In addition, 2 lbs. of ice can be stored in this appliance once and it can produce 33 lbs. per day. For easy operation, it is built without tap water and drain.

3. RCA ICE102 Ice Maker

This mode of RCA is the stainless steel product with silver finish for durability, rust resistance, and stunning outlook. With fast operation, you wait only 6 minutes for cool and hygiene ice. It can produce two ice sizes for your need. Additionally, its high capacity is able to make up to 26 lbs. ice weight a day. Importantly, it is constructed with electronic LED controls.  

2. iGloo ICE102-Red Ice Maker

This iGloo ice maker is able to make ice up to 26 lbs. a day which enables you to enjoy your at-home parties happily. With the two choices of ice size, you can choose any size depended on your type of drink. Additionally, 2 3 Quart reservoirs are included for high performance. Plus, the electronic LED control is included for any critical information of operation. Finally, it is designed in red color, which is suitable for modern kitchen.

1. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Maker

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S is able to produce two ice sizes. With 6-minute ice making process, it can create up to 26 lbs. ice per day. Besides, the light indicator is included to alert you when you need to include the water and when the ice bin is empty. Importantly, it has auto overflow protection for high efficiency. Finally, this product has three colors available: silver, black and red.