Good for cutting your french fries into pieces, here are the best french fries cutters you will find very functional. They have incredibly design, additionally. Also, these best french fries cutters which are selected for the review in this post, they are all the very popular choices for the users. Meanwhile, they are all having a good selling price you will be happy about. For your own favorite, you can decide it yourself which one to order. They are here in the list below waiting you to pick up.

10.Easy Home Made French Fries Cutter

Easy Home Made is one of the best potato chips cutters that offers fast, convenient, easy, kid-friendly, safe time design. By fast and convenience, you can quickly chop your potatoes into chips or potato waffles within a few seconds and with slight pressure. By easiness, knives will not be used to chop potatoes the traditional way. By kid-friendliness, this item can be easily used by young people because it is designed with safety concept. According an experiment, this item helps reduce the time spent on slicing potatoes, cooking potato chips by over 50%. Therefore, it should be a very good choice for a busy cook.

9. New Star 37357 French Fry Cutter

Under the brand name of New Star, New Star 37357 is one of most wanted French Fry Cutter that can ensure durability. New Star is made of die cast aluminum frame and the blades are made of high carbon stainless steel. Moreover the blade for this item can be replaced with 0.25-inch blade. Furthermore, each replacement block makes up approximately 2.9 square inch. More importantly, you can easily attach this item to existing French Fry cutting unit using a Philips head screwdriver. Therefore, you will find New Star an easy French Fry Cutter both for chopping potatoes as well as storing.

8. Best Choice Products® Cutter French Fry

Twisted Potato Slicer make your way of chopping potato more artistic with its ability to slice potatoes into twisted slicing. Weighed just only 2 pounds, Twisted Potato Slicer is made of stainless steel and is designed to make your potato sliced into spinning shape. While the potato chips may be of boredom in their look, this twisted sliced potato can be more interesting. Besides, this item need a hand crank operation with manual adjustment. To ensure safe operation, the item is equipped with anti-slippery skid-proof rubber feet.

7. French Fry Fruit Vegetable Cutter

French Fry Fruit Vegetable Cutter is made of heavy-duty stainless steel with commercial grade. The design make it possible for this item to be mounted on a wall or on a table. Moreover, there is a comfortable handle which is used to press a potato to the blade, so this way can ensure your safety and convenience. This item is designed with 3 French Fry blades and one more blade, the fourth one, is for slicing oranges and apples. Furthermore, there are threes different blocks for you to install while you slice your potato. They are 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 inches. Therefore, you can have more options on what shape you want your potatoes to be sliced or chopped.

6. Tiger Chef Heavy Duty Cutter

Tiger Chef is an open-source French Fry Cutter, which is compatible with all brands for French Fry Cutter. To name a few, they are Winco, Thunder Group, Weston, New Star French Fry Cutters, etc. It is important to know that the pusher blocks and blades of this item can be replaced with new ones. Furthermore, the set of this item includes 6 and 8-Wedge slicer blades and pusher blocks. More interestingly, once you have used it, you will surely have less or no interest at all in using plastic cutter or your hand because this Tiger Chef guarantees the consistency of restaurant and home-style fries.

5. RSVP International French Fry Cutter

RSVP International French Fry Cutter is made of ABS plastic with stainless steel, so you will enjoy using this product without worrying about spending much time cleaning it. Moreover, this French fry cutter will make you easy to wash by hand. Also RSVP International French fry cutter is made China. Above all, this item requires very little maintenance; therefore, it gives you no worry about how you are going to care about its storage.

4. iCooker Potato Veggie Chopper

It is very fast and convenient to cut the French fries with this Potato Chipper. Moreover, your potatoes slices will look neat and nice because of iCooker Potato slicer. It is an ideal product for any moms who want their kids to learn to do cooking since it is safe and very convenient for kids. Plus, within iCooker Potato Chipper, you can save your time 50%. Unlike knives or other slicers, iCooker Potato will make you spend very little time with fruitful result.

3. Weston French Fry Cutter

Weston French Fries is made of stainless steel, so you needless to worry about washing it. Moreover, this French fries cutter is detachable; hence, you can clean it in a very fast way. Plus, you will find it easy to have your potatoes cut within three eighth inch French fries. Furthermore, the blade used to cut French fries is stainless. You, therefore, do not need to worry about any tint color stick on blade. This product is your best choice after all.

2. Culina French Fry Cutter

This product is designed with a curved shape. Moreover, it has two blades which you can change. Plus, there are two size cut options-one is for regular size and another one is thinner gourmet style French fries. Besides, it is not only good for cutting French fries but also other food like cucumbers, zucchinis, radishes, yams, apples and more. Furthermore, you will find it easy to wash this cutter by just spraying the water in area with food residue. More importantly, it is diet-friendly, which is good for losing your weight and portion control.

1. GPC-2549 from Progressive International

You will enjoy making many French fries with a single push a level. Plus, the steel blades of Prepworks are interchangeable and stainless, which help you easily clean. Also, if you want large fries, you can use 25 holes and small one with 45 holes. Moreover, it is easy for you to operate lever action. And you can’t clean it with the machine because this cutter is designed to be washed with hand only. Be the first to own this product for the happiness in your whole family.