As so many of salad spinners on the market, it is a bit tough to find the best ones quick while many families need one of the best salad spinners in their kitchen. Therefore. a list of 10 best commercial salad spinners are searched for and selected for the suggestion here. Actually, these salad spinners are great for commercial use while they are also best for home and family use. Besides its good design and performance, the durability is as well proven to be smart and fantastic for your use. You can check out the more details of each one below.

10. 20 Liter/5 Gallon Salad Spinner

This manual salad spinner, 20 Liter Salad Spinner, offers an ability to dry your green vegetable quickly and maintain life of your lettuce. With this 20-litre capacity basket, you can spin up to eight lettuce heads at the same time. Moreover, it provides a simple, reliable and sturdy spinner to make salad. Specially, this spinner is considered functional for high volume restaurant kitchens. Furthermore, on both sides there are handles, which make it easy to hold. Specifically, the lid is firmly locked with auto-lock system, thus there is no worry about lid moving while the basket is spinning.

9. GEFU Salad Spinner

GEFU is a salad spinner comprising 3 elements, namely the bowl, strainer, and lid. The crank of this item is manually operated by hand and able to handle 3-liter capacity. Before making salad, you should wash your lettuce and put it in the strainer and put on the lid. Then you operate the spinning motion; and with smooth mechanism, water can be removed from your lettuce and the lettuce will be dried easily and quickly. Besides, GEFU is designed to be compatible with a dishwasher.

8. Dynamic E002 Salad Spinner

Dynamic E002 is a manual salad spinner that ensure durability up to 10 years or more. The gear can be replaced once the one being used is broken or when it does not function properly anymore. Moreover, due to its high capacity, though it is not recommended, this spinner can used to spin a few clothes. Dynamic E002 can save up to 1/4 of you total time spent on ordinary drying practice. Last but not least, the head of lettuce can also be dry if the appropriate size and amount is put into it.

7. Apple Shaped 3-in-1 Salad Spinner

Apple Shaped 3-in-1 Salad Spinner is very attractive for its appearance as well as its function. This item can be used to spin salad, to be a colander and to be a serving bowl. Moreover, you can obtain good health from eating salad; and to have a healthy salad, you should choose a high quality salad spinner, which is Apple Shaped 3-in-1 Salad Spinner to be named. More interestingly, this item encourage you to use less dressing because once the leaves are perfectly dried, the dressing will stick on the dry leaving, and thus you do not need to put more dressing.

6. Vremi Salad Spinner

Enrich nutrition and taste in your meals by using Vremi salad spinner. Vremi can works well from simple green salads to hearty varieties. For cleaning, this item saves you a lot of time for cleaning work. Every single piece of this item dishwasher-friendly. You will have no worry about cutting boards, graters, knives, and slicers, for what you need to do is place your bowl and blades in the dishwasher. More importantly, not only is this product attractive for its mason jar, but it is really convenient. This item makes it easy for you to pack along.

5. Progressive International Salad Spinner

Prepwork SAL-1000W has a very special design with the possibility of taking the water in through the lid and the water be drained out through the base. For its capacity, it has 3-1/2 quart capacity and 8-1/2 inches in diameter. Furthermore, Prepwork SAL-1000W is easy to dry leaves and to be cleaned in one easy step. Moreover, it is recommended for using with lettuce, fruits and vegetables. Lastly, it will save your time by washing it with a dishwasher.

4. CSS-1 Collapsible from Progressive International

Prepworks CSS-1 is a plastic salad spinner that is imported from China. This item provide double efficient spinner basket to be used as a colander when you want to rinse fruits and vegetables before you want to dry it by spinning. The outer bowl can also be used to serve salad when it is done and after washing and spinning. More interestingly, this designed with a self reacting pull-cord that you can dry you leave lettuce quickly and there is a button for stopping the spinning. To conclude, the balance of this spinner can be ensured because the ring is non-skid on base.

3. Progressive CSS-2 Green

If you are looking for tasteful food with healthy condition, Progressive CSS-2 Salad Spinner is strongly recommended. More importantly, you can enjoy the creative idea of this product with its ability to collapse to half of its size when you do not use it and want to store it somewhere. Also for flat storage, you can fold it. Besides spinning lettuce or salad and other vegetables, you can use Progressive CSS-2 to be a colander and to be used for serving. Moreover, for easy braking, you can squeeze the sizes of the basket. Furthermore the base is non-skid, which enable to keep your spinner in place while spinning. More than that, this item is compatible with dishwasher.

2. Brieftons Salad Spinner

Briefton is one of salad spinner with considerable price and the quality can be assured. It is made from heavy duty. For the outstanding safety and durability this item is made of ABS plastic. Moreover, the handle can locked to secure the lid; and the lid can be placed upside down to secure more space in term of storage. Furthermore, this item offers other two functions, which can be used as a colander and a food-safe serving bowl. More interestingly, it can handle salad serving for a bigger party.

1. SWEESE 3-in-1 Salad Spinner

SWEESE 3-in-1 Salad Spinner is considered the best choice for its users because it can function as three different item from this one product. It can spin salad; it can be a colander, and it can a serving bowl. Moreover, it gives your more healthy salad because your leave lettuce is perfectly dried. Not only does it work well the leaves, but it also does drying work good with greens and herbs. However, it is safe to be used with a dishwasher only when you use the top rack of the dishwasher. Despite this, you will enjoy using this item because it saves you much more time when cleaning and spinning.