Are you looking to find some nice and best baby booster seats for your kids? If you do, the article has a list of reviews of the 10 best baby booster seats for you to consider. All these selected seats are picked up based on its great quality, attraction to kids as well as the beautiful design and durability. All of them have been bought by so many parents for their babies as well, and they have, in the meantime, got a good feedback from the users. This proves them as the right choice for other parents who are also looking to buy for their babies too. In short, your kids will be extremely happy with this.

10.Summer Infant Support

Summer Infant is designed to provide your baby with three sitting positions. The first position is called stand-alone seat position. This first position offers support to your baby with soft foam insert. Next position is booster seat. With this booster seat, you can keep your baby seated on a chair by using the straps provided to firmly attach the seat to the chair. The third stage of position is booster seat without tray. Because the dishwasher safe tray is removable, you can ensure your baby’s safety by fasten the seatbelt while the tray is removed. In addition to its functional design, the colorful material with foam insert used for making this product also provides additional comfort. Therefore, this product is very suitable for your toddler.

9. Discover ‘n Grow Busy Baby Booster

Fisher-Price works not only as a seat booster, but it can be a good babysitter during your baby’s meal time. The reason that your baby will be occupied during meal preparation is that Fisher-Price is equipped with removable deluxe toy on the food tray. Furthermore, you can remove seat back and adjust the height of the seat, so you can keep the right size for your baby while he/she grows. Beside its interesting functions, the material of this product is easy to clean because there are not any crevices to put crumbs in place. Moreover, you can easily clean the feeding tray and toys using dishwasher due to its dishwasher-friendly design. More importantly, that it weighs only 1 pound and that this product can be folded up make it easy for you to store it or bringing it along.

8. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat

Ingenuity is a very good seat booster for your kid both being from infant to toddler because the soft, foam insert is removable, which keeps your baby’s size right for the seat as they grows. Additionally, the product is designed with a tray that can firmly hold a cup and a plate by itself and the feeding tray is easily removed and stored, which you can store it beneath seat. Furthermore, to ensure your baby’s safety, Ingenuity is designed with three harness and safety straps that can be fastened to dinning chair. Last of all, one of the features that makes you even more interested in this product should be its capacity of handle weight up to 50 pounds.

7. Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

With its colorful material, this US-made Summer Infant Deluxe is made of plastic with foam. This item can be used for two important purposes. The first one, namely infant feeding seat, is used when you have to feed your infant and want the infant to stay in one place. The second one is toddler booster seat. This second function enables your toddler to join you at the dining table; and you can monitor your baby’s eating while you are also eating. Even though your baby grows, you can adjust the height of the seat with 2-level height adjustment. Moreover, the tray provided can adjusted to 3-full-size-position and dishwasher-safe. Most importantly, Summer Infant is equipped with chair straps of 3-poin restraint system, so as to secure your baby’s stability. Last but not least, this product comes in compact folding design for portability and storage, and the seat pad of whose is removable and machine-washable.

6. Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat

This 3-Stage SuperSeat is a very comfortable multi-purpose seat that can be used as soft foam support seat, activity seat, and seat booster for babies aged from 4 months to 4 years old. With its 360 degree rotating tray, you can keep your baby engaged. Additionally, 3-Stage SuperSeat is equipped with 4 playful toys and 2 cup holders for your baby to enjoy during their eating. Besides, this product is a very secure and comfortable arena with 3-point safety harness for your growing infant to learn to sit upright and react to the surrounding environment. 3-stage SuperSeat does not only provide fun time to your baby, but also the art of sitting up. More interestingly, there are chair straps available when you shift it to booster seat mode.

5. Graco Blossom Booster Seat

Graco Blossom is a toddler booster with 2-position removable seat back that helps position your growing baby at the table. Moreover, the 2 installation straps can be used to attach to unpadded chair, so as to secure your baby’s stability. In addition to its functional capability, Graco Blossom is capable to handle up to any 50-pound baby who is able to sit by itself through 3 years of age. Beside the interesting part of how it can be used, Graco Blossom will be shipped in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging and its material is free from BPA, phthalate, PVC, latex, nitrosamine.

4. Fisher-Price Booster Seat

Rainforest booster seat looks completely like a toy for your child because your child can be playfully kept entertained at the table with some fun rainforest toys equipped with the eating tray. Before going to the main functions of the product, you may want to know something that will make your child love this booster seat. Rainforest features a tree with 3 spinning bugs on it, and on the base of the product, you can see a frog and a gecko slider beads. Furthermore, on one side, there is a colorful parrot, and on the other side, you can see a monkey swinging from a bead bar vine with bananas. To come to its overall functions, it is designed with a removable seat back to support your child as they grows. Also, the straps provided on the sides of the item is used for fasten to a dining chair. Additionally, the tray fits dishwasher, so you will find cleaning this item easy. In conclusion, with those toys and its multiple-purpose functions, it is certainly that your child will enjoy being seated on Rainforest.

3. Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Booster

Deluxe Comfort Booster is one of the best choices due to its colorful material. Also, this Australian-made product is made of plastic and can be used for two important functions, namely feeding seat and booster seat. For infant feeding seat, a tray is installed to this item so you can place a plate and a cup of water or milk. Moreover, it makes it easy for your baby to learn to eat by itself. For booster seat, this item will function as a stabilizing chair attached to an ordinary dining chair, so your child can join you at the table; and you can keep watching your baby’s activity while you are eating. The 2-level height adjustment designed for this item will enable your child to fit seat back as they grow. Furthermore, there is 3-full-size-position and dishwasher-safe tray. Additionally, the 3-poin restraint system with chair straps can firmly secure your baby’s stability. Last but not least, this is a product designed with compact folding capability for portability and storage, and you can remove the seat pad for cleaning with washing-machine.

2. Fisher-Price Booster Seat

Green/Blue Booster Seat is of very simple design; however, it is of interest of most parents because its plain design make it look functional as well as easy to clean. With its functional and basic booster seat, this item is perfect for feeding your child who is learning to sit upright. More interestingly, there is shoulder strap that can ensure your baby’s on the go convenience. Moreover, your baby can be secured with the two straps. Coming to tray, the tray is adjustable and dishwasher-safe. Furthermore, the holding space of the tray is wide-open, so many stuff can be placed on it; as a result, you will find this product more functional than it actually looks.

1. Fisher-Price Booster Seat

Blue/Green/Gray Booster Seat is considered the best choice of booster seat for your child due to its healthcare design. With snap on lid, the feeding surface can be kept clean for your child anytime and anywhere you go. Moreover, the seat is easy for cleaning because there are no crevices by which crumbs will be trapped. In addition to the comfort, Blue/Green/Gray Booster Seat has 3-point harness and 3-height adjustments, which keeps your growing baby securely seated. More importantly, when you have to attach your baby’s booster seat with a dinning chair, you can use the front and rear seat straps, then fasten it to an appropriate size and make sure that your baby’s position is secured. To sum up, this product is highly recommended because of its design that can care your baby’s health.