Great for utility, these are the amazing designs of the best eyeshadow palettes you will find very attractive. These are good products for sure since all the selected items have been picked up very carefully based on their customer review rate as well as the actual design and price. Through these three criteria, it is undoubtedly that they are among the best and most popular ones. Thus, it will not disappoint you when you need an eyeshadow palette. And here are those best eyeshadow palette reviews you may check.

10. iLoveCos

This is a 120 full color Eyeshadow Palette for the daily makeup-lover. To both professional makeup artist or for personal use, this palette offers you various colors from bright shade to dark shade, so you can always change your eyes color and pattern everyday. It is designed with two layers as a light compact for carrying. Additionally, the colors are so pigmenting, producing a nice and gorgeous eye shades that you would always wish to have.

9. Coastal Scents

Eyeshadow Palette from Coastal Scents offers a neutral tone. With its 28 colors in shimmer and matte shadows, this palette is perfectly designed for those who love a natural look which you are able to wear it to work or for daily hangout. There are several shadows which you can always use it as a blush, such a 2-in-1 palette for all ladies. Furthermore, it is built as a small compact which is good putting in a purse or bag while you are travelling.

8. e.l.f. Eyeshadows

This eyeshadows palette is a line product of e.l.f. Cosmetics which is one of the famous cosmetics company in America. It offers 32 piece endless colors and textures. Additionally, it has a built-in mirror which is really convenient to use it while you are on the go. With its heavy and shimmering color shades, it is so perfect for producing a smoky eyes look. Moreover, this palette is fairly pigmented and blendable.  

7. Revealed Eyeshadow Palette

Revealed Eyeshadow Palette is another edition from Coastal Scents Cosmetics. It is equipped with 20 nude and metallic hues colors. All of these bright shades would blend seamlessly, creating an array of daylight and evening looks. This is a slim palette that it is so convenient when you are travelling. It takes just a small room in your purse or bag. In addition, the pigment is long lasting and fallouts is similar to NAKED 3 palette from Urban Decay. Makeup artists recommend this if you are looking for a palette cheaper than NAKED 3.  

6. Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Baked Eyeshadow Palette is a line palette from e.l.f. Cosmetics. Along with the silky and blendable formula color shades, the palette does offer rich pigmentation with the long lasting and shimmering look. The 10 gorgeous baked eye shadows colors could be used to touch up and achieve a flawless look. This is can be used wet or dry. The dry pigments will produce a pale look, while the wet pigments create a shiny and bright look. This can be used as an eyeshadow primer as well.

5. Nudes Eyeshadow

The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette from Maybelline New York is the #1 Best Seller cosmetics palettes. The compact is so light which is easier to squeeze in a bag or purse. This 12-nude-shade collection is designed to create infinite look with sultry sands, brazen bronzes top taupe and the bold beiges. This can be worn alone or combined to produce a flawless smoky or sultry look.

4. Boutique Eyeshadows Palette

The Boutique Eyeshadows Palette is a line cosmetic from SHANY that made from natural mineral oil base. The bold and vivid 40 color shades helps you to create a dramatic or daily look flawlessly. Plus, the highly pigmented colors definitely produce a smooth finish which is smudge resistant. This eyeshadows palette is popular among professional makeup artists on fashion runway or theatres. The slender compact is so convenient to carry along with you.

3. “In The Buff”

“In The Buff” is a natural nude eyeshadows palette line from W7. It is designed with 12 color eyeshadows ranging from Onyx, Topaz, Thunder, Camel, Sand, Wave, Dust, Silk, Chocolate, Storm, Earth and Buff. The Palette colors are popularly known to be the exact same as NAKED 2 shades, yet it is more pigmented. There are three matte shades in this palette and it helps you to wear a real natural look.

2. Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette

The Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette offers 252 eye shades, a product line from Coastal Scents. These colors give different highly pigmented pressed powder eye color shades. Moreover, it is creatively designed with three trays of bright colors and superb finishes. Plus, the shades are long lasting, while they are easily blended as you can apply wet or dry to create various gorgeous looks. This is a portable and convenient black matte case for artists while travelling.

1. Ultimate Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

This is 120 color eyeshadow palette from SHANY Cosmetics. The palette enables you to create natural and nude colors with 60 natural colors and 60 original neon colors combination. Even more, these 120 shades are highly pigmented eye colors which both matte and shimmer textures provide neutral, warm and cool tones. The shades are so delight for office look or an evening night out. It is advised to press a flat shadow brush on these colors for a mosaic effect on the eyes. Let’s us explore the variety colors just for a change.