Of course, in any office, there will be a need for the best paper cutter and paper trimmer. It is extremely now. Many brands of the best paper cutter and trimmer are available on the market with different designs and sizes you can choose. However, according to our review for many paper trimmers and paper cutters, some products are just amazing. And, we have brought them up to quickly review for your information in the below list. If you are needing one for your office, you may check the listing down here.

10. HFS Paper Cutter/Trimmer by Hardware Factory Store

HFS paper cutter features with 17-inch heavy duty blade which can cut and trim the paper properly. It is also designed with 17-inch metal base that can be used with A3 and A4 paper type. Its high capacity is able to cut 400 pages of printing paper. Furthermore, the handle bar is added in the right angle and place to enable you use this cutter conveniently. Importantly, the clamp wheel is also equipped for easy working with thick papers. To ensure that your papers can stay in place while cutting, the backstop comes with lock. Finally, ruler will help you cut the papers precisely.

9.Purple Cows 2 in 1 Guillotine/Rotary Trimmer

The Purple Cows paper cutter is designed with the patented blade for high effectiveness and safety. The blade is very sharp and it does not require you to re-sharpen it no matter how long you use it. Furthermore, the press-down bar keeps the paper in place and prevents slipping. The trimmer is rotary with lockdown paper press which ensures the users to change the blade with ease. The blade can be changed for different patterns such as: straight, wave, perforating, pinking, scoring, and victorian. Finally, the cutting base is perfectly used with the 12 by 12b inches scrapbook page, paper, and standard photo sides.

8. Guillotine Paper Cutter Trimmer by EDMBG

This mode of EDMBG features the top-grade steel base that is durable and rust-resistance. The backstop is adjustable for high convenience and effectiveness. Also, the handlebar is designed perfectly for easy hold to cut the paper precisely. Importantly, the blade is sharp and long-lasting. To ensure the safety, the arm lock is included. At the back of the base, it includes the non-skid rubber to avoid any strong compression and scratch on the table.

7. CARL Rotary Paper Trimmer

CARL paper trimmer is designed with carbide blade and patented rail system to make sure that you will cut the paper effectively and precisely. The base is calibrated metal construction for durability. In addition, the magnetic paper gauge can ensures the great adjustability and keeps the same format for repetitive cuts. Last but not least, the locking rail feature is able to hold paper tightly for accurate cut.

6. Fiskars Bypass Paper Trimmer (199130-1001)

Fiskars trimmer is built with long base that is able to cut 8.5-inch wide paper easily. The blade is self-sharpening, so you do not wasting your time for replacing or re-sharpening. Besides, it comes with the gridlines for precise cutting and trimming. The side is compact so it does not waste the space of your table. Finally, this product is designed perfectly with the affordable price for office use.

5. CARL Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer

This product of CARL features the carbide blade for high performance and good outcome. With the durable and sharp blade, it can cut the mat board, plastic sheet, card stock with ease. It is also able to cut the papers of the maximum 10 sheets at once. Moreover, the base board is metal construction to make this product long-lasting. Finally, the rail system, and alignment grid and ruler are included for precise cut.

4. X-ACTO 12-Inch Laser Trimmer (26234)

This mode of X-ACTO is constructed with laser beam lines to ensure that you can cut accurately and cleanly every time. The blade is steel construction for quick cut. The grip lines are designed carefully for easy reading to avoid confusion. The shape is compact which is suitable for small office or individual at-home use. Finally, the price is not expensive if you consider about its high quality and function.

3. Westcott Paper Trimmer

Westcott paper trimmer is built with titanium bonded blade which is three times greater than stainless steel materials, so it is sharper and can be used longer than the simple steel one. Importantly, it can trim not only the paper but it also works well with digital photos and cardstock. Additionally, the ruler flush comes with base and it is swing-out for precise measuring. Last but not least, one score blade and one cut are included as well for more convenience.

2. Fiskars Scrapbooking Trimmer (196920-1001)

This product of Fiskars comes with 12-inch cut capacity for high performance. It is able to cut scrapbook page precisely and easily. The Triple Track system is the great technology to avoid the curving and wobbling the paper. The measuring deck can be extended to 15.25 inches for extra-large paper side. Finally, the cutting surface is aluminum construction which allows you to see the measuring point clearly.

1. Swingline Guillotine Paper Trimmer (9312)

This bestselling mode of Swingline trimmer comes with 12-inch cut length which can cut up to 10 sheets neatly at the same time. This product is premium plastic construction for convenience and portability. Plus, it is designed with guard rail safety and blade latch hook to ensure that your paper will stay on the base stably and the blade is locked safely when it is not used.