If you are looking for a wall hung toilet or wall mounted toilet, there are fewer designs available to the common floor mounted toilets. However, still there are some available which are so good for the quality while the designs are incredible.

According to our team’s review and research over many of them, we have finally decided to pick up these top 3 best wall hung toilet choices to review for your consideration.

They are available in differences prices as well as the features and performance. If you are going to need one soon, you could enjoy the reviews of these wall hung toilet designs below.

1. TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia Dual-Flush Wall Hung Toilet

There are many types of toilets currently, and the wall-hung toilet is the greatest bathroom materials invented. Mounting on the wall help save the space of your bathroom and sometimes it will fit well with most bathroom décor.

TOTO wall-hung toilet should be recommended for this kind of item. As you may be aware of this famous brand name TOTO, it is leading in most bathroom materials. To find out how good it is please read the review below.

Key Features

Designed with universal height, it will allow all kind of users including who has difficulties in standing and sitting, to sit comfortably. The shape is elongated which is standard and medical-recommended shape for better sitting position.

Moreover, it comes with dual max flushing system that will deal with your business efficiently in low consumption of 1.6 and 0.9 gallons per flush. It is constructed with polished chrome materials making this product durable and white.

The white color will never turn yellow because of its unique materials, so your bathroom will stay stunning and clean all the times. This wall hung will fit perfectly with TOTO in-wall tanks system and others as well. Importantly, it is easy to clean, so the bathroom will stay with hygiene and good smell.

Customer satisfaction on this item:

Most customers reviewed the wall hung toilet with 4 and 5 stars because they experience the good quality product. The finish is great despite using in long time. Flush jets are good and they can push easily without any problems. The flush jets are also durable compared to most toilets you have seen that they are soon broken.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

One customer said that it is a bit small and has minimal water. It cannot remove the waste well and sometimes it requires around 2 times to make sure everything is cleaned.

2. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Elongated Bowl Wall Hung Toilet

Most people think that choosing toilet is not important issue, but we should not ignore this simple problem. Sitting in proper position help your digestive system work well and it will help you healthy.

Furthermore, good wall hung toilet will help keep your toilet clean in long time than simple toilet because it is capable in removing all the waste and its smell far away from toilet with the strong flow of water.

Here we recommend KOHLER wall-hung toilet that has high capacity for the betterment of your bathroom.

Key Features:

It is the one-piece wall-hung toilet coming with compact elongated bowl that allow you to sit easily. It will save space of your bathroom better than a round-front bowl. Moreover, it is designed with seamless look and sleek veil that can be cleaned easily and easily.

It is also equipped with grip tight Q3 seat that is engineered with standard shape and size for better sitting position. Besides, it is made of polished chrome materials that are durable and brilliant. The wall hung toilet is very strong and long-lasting that will not be broken easily like some poor-quality products in the market.

Importantly, it will stay bright for long time, making it your bathroom stay stunning all the times. Plus, it is very efficient with low water consumption, so you should stop worry that it will waste your water.

One flush is able to clear all your waste without any doubt. Last but not least, the mounting hardware is provided along with the affordable price and convenient toilet installation.

Customer Satisfaction on this item:

It is really good product and most customers has very little comment of its negative points. It is very saving and the water used is little but it still flow strongly to remove all waste completely from the bowl.

One customer said that they bought it to use at home around 5 years. It did not break and it still stayed bright and white. Now their neighbor is constructing new house, so he suggests this product to them as well.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Only one customer raised some complains. The toilet did not flushed properly and it required several flushes before everything was done. The bowl size and shape seem not perfect because most of the times user feels not comfortable with it.

3. American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall Pressure

Pooping in correct sitting position is very important because it will have positive and negative impact on your health. There are many wall hung toilet products available in the market.

But if you don’t know its clear description and just go directly to the market you might have trouble in choosing because the function as well as exterior design is very similar. Please read the last presented hung toilet below, American Standard toilet, which is from the famous brand name in the USA .

Key Features

This sleek wall hung toilet is engineered with elongated shape with the combination of tank and bowl to make sure that the water will flow strongly and fast. The wall hung toilet comes with back outlet that is equipped firmly with the wall to stand stably.

Wall-mounted and compact shape will save your bathroom space. In addition, it comes with the pressure assisted siphon jet action that enable users to press easily and the water will come out automatically to remove all your waste. It consumes 1.6 gallons per flush, which is very efficient for fast and clean toilet.

It also features the side-mounted trip lever which is polished chrome metal construction, so users can sit comfortably. The polished chrome is easy to clean and it will not leave yellow or drain though you use it in long time.

The wall hung toilet is built with 14.5-inch height which is the standard height suitable for people having problems with standing and sitting. Last but not least, the design is very good that you can use at home, restaurant, hotel and so forth.

Customer Satisfaction on this item:

Most customers are happy with it because it is effective and efficient. It can take care of business fast and clear. Plus, it doesn’t consume much water like some other traditional product.

It is commended on the polished chrome because it makes their toilets stay white and bright for long time. The price is very reasonable if you think about some poor-quality product that will turn yellow after using several months. You will love this product.

What that it isn’t so great about this item:

Of course, some mini problems always exist simply because nothing is perfect. Some users thought that 1.6 gallons per flush is very much amount of water, so it seems wasting. It did not function well sometimes because it couldn’t clear the bowl clearly upon flushing.