Are you coming here for the best wakeboard tower? If so, you have come to the right place. Our team has seen lots of people keep searching for the best wakeboard towers, but it seems they find it difficult to find the right, high quality one quickly. 

As such, we get in to research, review, and finally bring some to recommend as the following. Spending a few minutes checking the list below, you will see the top 5 best wakeboard tower designs. You then can decide accordingly, which one of them suits your requirements the most.

1.MT1 Wakeboard Tower – Polished and Anodized – 2.5″ Tubing

First of all, we will check out the MT1 Wakeboard Tower. Coming in a polished and anodized finish, this wakeboard tower is designed for a universal fit, to all the boards, having a standard beam, at the width between 60 and 102 inches. The main material used is high quality aluminum in 2.5 diameter. It is strong and extremely sturdy after the installation.

In the meantime, it features a quick release mount, which is a nice and convenient quality of the wakeboard tower to be folded or stored easily. One will not require any tool to do it. The two other things to notice about this wakeboard tower are the included monster paws for curved surface mounting and the zero torsion mounts, which nicely prevent stress to happen in case of the fixed mount.

What Is Great about the Wakeboard Tower

Lots of people, by their reviews, find this as a quality tower. Some have experienced with the tower and found it very impressive for the reasons of it being well-built, sturdiness, and the easy installation. Generally, they think it is a great value for the price.

What Isn’t Great about the Wakeboard Tower

Few find the wakeboard tower very good too. The only problem they have is it not fitting in well to their boards. Thus, returning it is the only choice.

2.Origin Advancer Wakeboard Tower Glossy Black

Secondly, it is the Origin Advancer Wakeboard tower to check out. This is another beautiful design. The glossy black wakeboard tower, firstly, is designed to fit in well to small and medium boat only. If your one is a large board, you need to check it carefully if this is going to fit. Otherwise, you would have to return it anyway.

Walking more about the wakeboard tower of this construction, it has been well built in black powder coating and very is easy to installation. It has been engineered to be quickly folded down for your convenience as well. Likewise, you can expect a lot of strength and stability from this wakeboard tower, surely.

What Is Great about the Wakeboard Tower

People find this wakeboard tower very good while the price is extremely affordable. This makes so many of them delightful over their purchase over the tower. The design as well as its black coating is another like users have had about the tower.

What Isn’t Great about the Wakeboard Tower

Few instead find the tower a bit of shaking especially while trailering. However, they said it is not a big issue for them on this.

3.Origin OWT-I Advancer Wakeboard Tower, Wakeboard Tower for Boats 17′ – 22′ in Length, Polished Aluminum, Easy Installation.

Next for now is the Origin OWT-I advancer Wakeboard Tower. Designed to fit well for the boats which are in between 17′ and 22′ in length, it is also a very nice, and beautiful design. Another way to examine it is through the boat beam. If your one is between 68 and 98 inches, the tower will also be adjustable to fit in right.

Basically, this wakeboard tower is made from polished aluminum, it is strong, durable and very sturdy too. The installation is easy. It takes about 2 or 3 hours to do it. Other than this, the item gets up to 5 year warranty if there is any defect found. The manufacturer will be there to solve the problem for you if any. 

What Is Great about the Wakeboard Tower

Being so solid and with the easy installation, many find the tower working great on their boats. They thus feel it owns so much good value. A good sturdiness after the installation is also the satisfaction users have had. Even more, they see it looking great on their boats.

What Isn’t Great about the Wakeboard Tower

One user said the only problem they have had is being unable to run the speaker wire through the wakeboard tower. Other than this, they are very happy with this tower purchase.

4.Reborn wakeboard tower bimini PRO1580 Black canopy

Second last to our list comes the review of this Reborn wakeboard tower PRO 1580. This is a solid construction with a good adjustment for sliding backward and forward. Also, you will find the support arm being able to use in the above, below, front or rear, up to your like.

As to the look, on the other hand, this tower comes in a polished finish over its strong stainless steel frame. In addition, it comes with a black canopy to cover you, to an extent, from sunlight during your time on the boat. However, it is worth checking carefully too if this wakeboard tower is going to fit in well with your boat. For the quality construction, there is nothing to worry about, with this item.

What Is Great about the Wakeboard Tower

This wakeboard tower has been a happy buy for many boat owners. They feel it looks just right to their boats, and they work great by its solid construction. Somes else find the installation of this to their boats very easy.

What Isn’t Great about the Wakeboard Tower

Few others though demand installation instructions attached. However, they find none. Another review was having a bad time with the customer service of this tower seller.

5.Big Air Ice Wakeboard Tower

Last one into our list is the Big Air Ice Wakeboard tower. Coming in gloss black finish with powder coating, the tower has had a beautiful construction with a good sturdiness and strength. As soon as your boats are between 62″ and 103″ wide, the wakeboard tower is going to fit in perfectly well.

The stand of the design, in the meantime, is adjustable between the back and front mounts. That is from 40” to 60”. The frame of this tower, additionally, is aluminum tubing in 2.25 inches in diameter. Also, you will find the mounting hardware and backing plates there included for your easy installation.

What Is Great about the Wakeboard Tower

Some said they could install the tower into their boats themselves, and some else said they need to people. But overall, the installation is not difficult, and the tower fits it perfectly right. Importantly, it keeps working great for them.

What Isn’t Great about the Wakeboard Tower

Up to this point of time, there has not been any negative feedback made to the item yet. Should there be some later, we will keep this updated for your more information.