When you are selecting for the best space heater, you would need to consider between the size of your space and the capacity of the heater. If you did not do it right, you could end up having the wrong one. You either waste the bill, or you will not get enough heat in your room. For this review today, we are going to present you the top 5 best space heater for large room. These space heaters are very well made with good performance, and they are also beautifully designed.

1.Lasko 6462 Full-Circle Warmth Ceramic Space Heater with Remote Control – Features Wide Heat Sweeping to Warm Large Rooms

Lasko 6462 space heater is our first choice to review. Coming with a remote control, the space heater has had many features and a high performance to produce heat and warm up your large room well. Additionally, just as you could have seen it in the picture above, this space heater looks so nice in style for its design.

Meanwhile, it has two heating settings – low and high. You may switch it according to the temperature of the day. However, you can also put it into automatic mode, it will adjust itself accordingly. This heater is so good for both home and office use. While it is a smart construction, the heater is easy to assemble while having enough of safety features to ensure good safe use such as overheat protection.

What Is Great about this Product

Some have been so satisfied with the heater of this design. One even said they have had the heater for 4 years, and it still works great as normal. A few others have bought this for their garage space, and they find it lovely, warming the room atmosphere up well.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Some reviews, in contrast, are not quite happy as they have encountered bad accidents happening on the heater such as plastic parts melting and loud strange noise.

2.Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

Second to review is this Dr Infrared Heater Space Heater. Performing at 1500 watt power, this beautiful heater is so high performing to warm up a large room quickly and effectively. Even more, it has been featured with auto energy saving mode, leaving it consuming so much less. That gives you options of switching the mode between low and high.

Another nice feature about this heater is the dual heating systems between the infrared Quartz tube and the PTC. It additionally has the 12 hours automatic shut-off function. The electronic thermostat ranges from 50 to 86 degrees. For uses, it is pretty convenient, having the remote control added while the heater works at low noise.

What Is Great about this Product

According to the overall rating, this space heater is an extremely happy purchase. Among more than 4000 reviews, it gets rated 4.2 over 5 stars. That is incredible. The fact that it works great as expected, and it gets highly recommended by the majority of the previous users.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

A few might have gotten the defective units. They have got it stop working after some weeks of use only. They are quite upset with this.

3.Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater – Ceramic Forced Fan Heating with Stay Cool Housing – Tower with Remote Control, Digital Thermostat, Timer, Large Temperature Display and Efficient ECO Mode

Next is the Comfort Zone Oscillating space heater. Coming with the ceramic forced fan, this tower heater has a nice styling design, plenty of features, and very good convenience for use. In that, you will see the digital thermostat, timer, remote control, and large display, allowing you to work things out in it well and easily.

In addition to its high capacity performing, this heater heats up quickly and effectively, making your entire room comfortable for you easily. The heater has also been certified to be extremely safe for use. Thanks to added features such as overheat protection. The heater finally is lightweight and portable.

What Is Great about this Product

The majority of the review have loved the product dearly, saying it is an intelligent heater with high capacity. It does just what people expect it to be. It warms the room up quickly and comfortably. Good price is also the reason why people feel this is so much a good purchase.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Few instead feel the heater is cheaply made and is a bit too noisy. As a result, there did not rate this product as positive.

4.Electric Space Heater, 1500W Portable Infrared with Remote Timer Function 3 Modes with Overheat Tip-over Shut off Wood Cabinet Large Brown

Electric space heater is our fourth recommended option. This heater is big and works at 1500 watt power. The design is nice and portable while it has a remote control you could adjust things from your bed or a distant. Plenty of features are there, in the meantime. It has three heating modes, high, love, and eco. And, this gets you to save a lot of energy when high heating is not necessary.

12 hour timer is also the feature for energy saving. If you find it is enough for your whole comfortable night sleep, you can select the auto shut-off mode. Another good thing is the touch screen setting on the heater. That gives you a good convenience to work with the heater. Finally, buying the heater gets you a 12 month warranty too.

What Is Great about this Product

So many buyers find this a great heater. It works at a high performance, and it does the job extremely well for reliability. Some else have got this for their 12 x 20 room, and they have got a good warmth in their room by this heater. They are so happy with the heater, as a result.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Some heaters were delivered with missing remote control. Brand new but bad smell is also the reason some are not so delighted with the heater.

5.Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Remote Control – Features Built-in Timer and Oscillation

Last comes to the Lasko 751320 ceramic tower space heater. This also comes with a remote control as well as timer for auto shutoff function. The heater looks nice, and it performs great to warm up your room well. Its maximum heat power is 1.50 Kw, and it is capable of warming up a space up to 300 sq. ft well.

Safety has the main focus of the heater construction too. In that, overheat protection has been ensured as the quality function of this heater. Another good thing is the nice setting panel, on of the tower heater. You will find it so conveniently to set things up as well as see things over its display screen.

What Is Great about this Product

Incredibly popular, over 7000 reviews have been made to the product, meaning more than this amount has experienced the heater. Even more, the majority of them rated it quite positively, 4.1 / 5 stars review. It is really an overwhelming satisfaction.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Some have smelt the burning chemical odor from the heater. They then feel worried about its negative effects for health. Another review said the heater is under powered. They experienced a similar heater which could do better with in the same space size.