Some beautiful and best skateboards for girls have been picked up to review in this list. Of course, so many have been searching every day for the lovely skateboards designed for girls. As to help you find one quickly, our team has done the study and research including learning about each skateboard design from the customer review and feedback. As a result of all these, we have the following list of the best skateboards for girls for your consideration.

1.Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31-Inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple

Punisher Skateboards are our first design to recommend. This is a 31 inch skateboard, and it is produced from canadian maple in a beautiful butterfly artistic design. It overall looks quite attractive and unique, especially to girls. In addition, it has such a high quality make to offer at up to 7 ply.

Even more the deck profile of the skateboard comes with a superior control, allowing you to ride, turn and perform the tricks quite easily. You will also see the ABEC-7 high speed wheel bearings in this skateboard. The wheels themselves are also of a high quality make by high quality materials.

What Is Great about this Product

This skateboard appears to be a very good one for many, and they have mentioned a lot of their satisfaction in their reviews to the product. Generally, people like the board design, the maple board itself as well as their great riding experience with the skateboard.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

A few might have encountered the defective units of the skateboards as they found out the wheels and bearing of their skateboards just do not work properly.

2.Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Beginners

Available in many colors, this second best skateboards for girl is the Merkaba design. It is 22 inch, and it comes with attached LED light over the wheels, making it looks colorful and beautiful. If you happen to see the light not on, it is because the screw turns loose. You may tighten them up, and the LED light will be one again.

Basically, this skateboard also features the classic mini cruiser deck and th V-truck and base. They are high quality and heavy duty materials, making this complete skateboard not only durable and beautiful but also high performing for your ride. This is for kids, and it could load up to 180 lbs.

What Is Great about this Product

According to the review, the majority have loved this skateboard dearly. Among the 350 reviews at this point of time, 84 percent rated this 5 stars. That is evident they love the product. Particularly, some parents are very pleased when they know the skateboard is best for their kids.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Some reviews warn others to check the size of this board first before making a purchase as to them, they find it small and light, not what they want.

3.wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard

Third to check out is this wonnv Retro mini cruiser. This is a skateboard, made mainly from polypropylene in a very beautiful and stylish design. Girls do love such look so much. Moreover, the skateboard has an overall very durable construction, allowing for a good, sturdy ride you can perform your tricks very well.

And, the skateboard can accommodate up to 220 lbs. It should be best for both kids and adults, and it will be a good option either you are a beginner or professional. Other than this, plenty of various colors are available for selection. And, should you find it not exciting to ride on, 60 money back warranty is there for your refund.

What Is Great about this Product

To many reviews, this is a highly recommended skateboard. They find the design very lovely and unique while the overall quality make of the skateboard is high. Some others mentioned their satisfaction over the performance of the board. They have a ride on, and they are so pleased with what it serves.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

A few expect the wheels of this skateboard to light up, and it actually does not. That upsets them a bit as they find the kids love the skateboard a lot.

4.SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

Among the best skateboards for girls, this is the SkateXS Unicorn. This skateboard is available is so many colors, first of all. They are beautiful in its own way, and you can select the one you feel most excited about. Basically, this skateboard is exactly the design for beginners, and it comes with a high quality build.

The size is not too big, and it is exactly right for kids, and you will find this board very safe, easy to use and very fun to play a ride with. Talking about the price, this skateboard is a bit more expensive than the average design. That is simply because it is a premium construction here you can see.

What Is Great about this Product

Great quality and very beautiful appearance get this skateboard a lot of love and satisfaction from parents and their kids. The majority of the reviews of this skateboard is extremely with what this skateboard has to offer.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Up to this moment, there has not been any negative comments, made to the skateboard yet. There will be as usual, and we will keep this update once seen.

5.UsTinE Pro Skateboard 31″ X 8″ Standard Skateboards Cruiser Complete Maple 9 Layers Double Kick Concave Skate Boards

The last one is this UsTinE Pro Skateboard. It is such a very strong and durable design, having additional beautiful design in a stylish way. That is everything a skateboard for girls should be. Of course, out of its very good construction, this skateboard by the canadian maple deck is very reliable and sturdy.

The abec-7 bearing features a very good precision for your ride control. You will find the board rolling very smooth and steady. However, it can load up to 198 lbs or 90 kg. For kick, coast and push, this is such a very nice skateboard to have a look. Like many, you are going to feel so good with the board.

What Is Great about this Product

Plenty of praises are seen in the reviews, saying this board has a lively design, beautiful and attractive. Some feel so good about the quality build of the skateboard, making them believe it is their good choice of purchase.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

One of the review was terribly unhappy with the skateboard, saying their one gets broken very quickly.