Are you checking for the best queen over queen bunk bed? Here you go! In this review, we have listed a collection of best queen over queen bunk bed options for your consideration. These are the bunk beds we have selected from the whole lot we picked up for review. They thus are among the very best ones you can find online. They are well-designed, nice looking, and very sturdy and strong.

1.DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed, Sturdy Frame with Metal Slats, Silver

The first best queen over queen bunk bed for now is the DHP bunk bed. This is a complete metal frame design, having also the metal slats. It is beautifully finished in silver, and you can expect it for the perfect sturdiness. Of this construction, it is strong and durable while having the guard rails added on the top bunk.

Even more, it can accommodate two full standard size mattresses very well, just like you can see in the picture. However, mattresses are not included in this package. In addition, for the upper mattress, it can be as thick as 6 inches. Overall, this is such a nice bunk bed to look at. 

What Is Great about this Product

People feel very satisfied out of this bunk bed design. They found out a great quality from the bunk bed design, and they are happy that it is available at a good price. They said it is reliable and durable, which is good for kids.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Few, on the other hand, do not feel enough of a good quality in this bunk bed, and they said they would add some more money for a better one.

2.DONCO Bunk Bed Full over Full Trundle in Cappuccino

Secondly, let’s check out this DONCO Bunk BED design. It is a full trundle in Cappuccino, and it is actually a pretty looking design. It is a solid construction, made from wood. The bunk bed also features a slat roll foundation, which makes it ready for the mattresses. Even more, it has the included rollout trundle. This is a need for sleepovers.

If you are looking for a bunk bed at this size and with a good, sturdy construction, this DONCO Bunk Bed should be among the best choices you can consider. Other than this, lots of people who have bought and used the bunk beds feel very good about its overall quality and services.

What Is Great about this Product

Among over 100 reviews, this bunk bed gets rated 3.8 stars out of 5. That is a fairly good rating people have given to the bed, showing their high satisfaction. A common agreement among them is the bunk bed has a good build quality as well as affordable price.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

There are, at the same time, quite a few reviews too who are not really like the bunk bed. Some even feel disappointed with it. Having certain parts broken quickly is one of the reasons for these negativities.

3.Dorel Living Moon Full Over Full Bunk Bed with USB Port, Gray

Available in black and silver, this is the Dorel Living Moon bunk bed. It is a queen over queen bunk bed, and it is beautifully done in a solid and sturdy construction. Additionally, it has a special feature, which is the dual USB charging port. It is nice and useful for those on the top. You will just need to plug it into the wall outlet, and it will work fine for your charging.

This design is also brilliant in a way that it can be converted into two full size beds separately. Other than this, it has the bed slats included in the pack. It is mattress ready. If you love this kind of bunk bed, this one will not disappoint you for both the look and the quality sturdiness for the sleep.

What Is Great about this Product

Viewed as a lovely bunk bed, this set has been a satisfied design for many. People have bought this bunk bed, put it to use at home for kids, and they returned to rate it very positively. They simply like its affordable price as well as the nice design and its solid construction.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

One of a few upset comments is over the height of this bunk bed, said to be low. They then warn others to check carefully before making a purchase of this one.

4.Wood Bunkbeds, Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with 2 Storage Drawers, Sturdy Wooden Bunk Frame, Twin Cot with Ladder and Safety Rails Convenience to Take Care of Your Children

Fourth into the list is the Wood Bunk Bed with attached two storage drawers. This is a very sturdy design, and it has a ladder for easy climbing the top bunk. This bunk bed has an overall high quality pine wood as its frame, and it is going to last a good longevity for you.

The guard rails are included, in addition. If you get this for a sleepover, that would be a good protection. It will require a bit of the assembly if you decide to get this bunk bed home. Its overall dimension is basically 80 x 57 x 70.4 inches. It is a good one, surely.

What Is Great about this Product

People have bought and tried the bunk bed, and the impression is the bunk bed is a good quality construction for the price. They are happy for the money spent on this bunk bed, in other words.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

One buyer gets this for their 6 years old kid, and they did not feel it is suitable for him. What he is saying is the fact that the description of this bunk bed does not include that information.

5.Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed, Steel color

Last of all is this Dorel Twin-over-Full metal bunk bed. Coming in a steel color, this bunk bed is not only a durable and sturdy one but also a beautiful looking design. And, it is so easy for the assembling. The complete frame of this bunk bed is all metal, light but strong. It additionally comes with safety rails.

For the upper bunk, it is designed to hold up to 200 lbs while the lower one is 450 lbs. That is a good one for adults and kids to have a good, nice sleep over this bunk bed. The slat, at the same time, is ready to welcome your mattresses.

What Is Great about this Product

Many have viewed this as a little, pretty bed. It is nice looking, and it is also very sturdy and well constructed. That solid construction has gotten many to like the bed so much. They feel good and confident over this bunk bed.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

The few comments over this are the fact that the bed is heavy and noisy, out of its metal frame. It is a bit of comment for improvement over this unit.