Fall protection equipment is extremely important, and you need to properly equip them with you at all times during your working hours. You will not know what is going to happen. Thus, it is always better to pre-protect yourself well. In this, we will bring you the top 5 best fall protection equipment including best fall protection harness. Should it be what you are looking for, you may spend a few minutes, checking these out. They are very good ones with lots of positive users’ review.

1.Guardian Fall Protection (Qualcraft) 00815 BOS-T50 Bucket of Safe-Tie with Temper Anchor, 50-Foot Vertical Lifeline Assembly and HUV

First of all, let’s check out the Guardian Fall Protection. This is a complete set, designed for perfect protection. The gear includes the universal harness HUV along with 5 points of adjustment. Added comfort could also be found in this harness design. That makes itself a very good body wear velocity harness.

The vertical lifeline with shock pack is another good feature about this set. In addition, there is an extendable 18 lanyard, keeping the device easily within reach. One heavy duty temper along with a reusable anchor is too apart of the set, making this very complete. For a good safety when you need to stay high above the ground, you really need such a good fall protection set.

What Is Great about this Product

High quality, true fall protection, and easy to use are the main reasons people have loved the product a lot. Some even said this thing saved their life as there were working high above ground, and there were incidents happening.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Few particular users find the fall protection equipment small and not big enough for them. A couple others said they think the design of this is poor.

2.Guardian Fall Protection 10900 11-Foot 1-Inch Nylon Webbing with Carabineer

This is also from Guardian Fall Protection, but it is a completely different product to the first one. It is a nylon webbing with carabiner. This is another beautiful design to keep you safe from falling from a high place above the ground. It is well constructed and smartly engineered. Its capacity is for those between 130 and 310 pounds.

The quality of this product has proven to meet and exceed the industry standard well such as OSHA and ANSI. Basically, to this fall protection harness, it is 11 feet long while the nylon web is 1 inch wide.

What Is Great about this Product

Lots of users think this is a good value product. One said the fall protection harness is well done, leaving enough room for people to do with work conveniently. Lightweight and well-built are also the qualities mentioned to satisfy them a lot.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Few instead think the fall protection equipment is only okay for roof work. It is not ideal yet to their opinion after experiencing it.

3.KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) BOA 2 PACK (External Shock Absorber) Single Leg 6ft Safety Lanyard OSHA ANSI Fall Protection Restraint Equipment Snap Rebar Hook Connectors Construction Arborist Roofing

KwikSafety fall protection equipment is our third best one to let you consider. This is a strong construction, ensuring high safety for roof work time. The product includes a single leg, heavy duty lanyard and the 1 inch wide polyester webbing. The webbing itself is made extendable, giving more space and room for work.

The whole compete equipment is sure to keep you confident working over the roof. The self-locking rebar and snap hooks are also great features of the product, allowing for not only super high safety but also ease and comfort of use. This equipment is 6 foot long or 1.8 meter.

What Is Great about this Product

Plenty of good comments are seen about this product. Generally, people think the fall protection equipment has a good nice quality with reasonable price. In addition to the quality build, the ease of use is another thing, getting many to rate it positively.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Some have misunderstood about the size of this product, and they said the fall protection equipment of this design is huge, and they did not realize that before making the purchase.

4.KSEIBI 421020 Safety Harness Fall Protection Kit, Construction Full Body System, with 6″ Lanyard and Bag Size -up to 42″ Waist

This is the KSEIBI safety Harness. It is a secure fall protection kit you can check out if you are looking for such a protection. It is nicely designed for great strength and endurance, and it is a full body system with lanyard of 6 inch and the bag size to fit up to 42 inch waist. 

Having this with you will make you feel fit and secure for your roof work. The safety harness is in black and gray while the attached connectors and hook are extremely well made and functional. Its loading capacity, on the other hand, is 320 lbs. If you weigh more than this, this safety harness is not going to be safe for you, to be noticed. 

What Is Great about this Product

Reviews feel a good safety, out of wearing the fall protection harness. They think it is worth the price they have paid too. The fact that it works perfectly get some more extremely satisfied with the product.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

A few feel the product is not what they expected. It is just a simple safety harness, and it seems okay.

5.Guardian Fall Protection 21082 Cyclone Tower Harness

Our last one is the Guardian Fall Protection 21082 tower harness. This harness is made 100 percent from polyester, and it ensures a good strength and safety for you. The product is made in USA and imported. Its overall quality is simply high to the safety standards. Another good thing about the design is that it is fully adjustable to the leg strap, the waist belt, and shoulder straps.

Additionally, it features 1 dorsal and 1 sternal D-ring. These qualities are going to do fall arrest really well. The last thing to notice about this equipment is the unique aesthetic stitch pattern. That ensures a great strength within the whole harness.

What Is Great about this Product

It is said the harness is extremely comfortable and high quality. Those reviews rated this product very satisfactory. They are also happy for the fact that it fits them well right.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

There are some negative comments over the satisfaction of the fall protection equipment, saying about the poor customer service they have encountered through the interaction with the seller.