Shopping for the best electric fireplace insert? Now you have come to the place. Our team has targeted the product by collecting the highly rated fireplace inserts to review and compare to find the top choices for the recommendation. As a result from our long hours of work, we have come to the conclusion that these are the top 5 best electric fireplace insert reviews to recommend for your consideration.

1.Xbeauty 33″ Electric Fireplace Insert Recessed in Wall Freestanding Heater w/Large Screen Multicolor Flames,Adjustable Flame Speed,Remote Control,750w/1500w,Black

Available in many different sizes, this first best electric fireplace insert to review is the Xbeauty. The fireplace insert is a handsome insert construction, having the enlarging viewing windows along its 1.4 inch wide frame. It is a nice view, watching the flame inside the insert. Of course, that flame by the insert is adjustable and could be seen in multiple colors.

Two modes, additionally, are made available. They are the heater and the no heat fireplace. That gives you extra option as to save some energy when it is not needed. Even more, this insert comes with an amazing air heating system, flowing the warm air gently out to warm up your living room. A remote control is included for convenient control from a distance. 

What Is Great about this Product

Many have been extremely satisfied with the services of this fireless insert. They said this is a big fireplace design with so many features for full customization. A few others feel good with the design and construction of the fireplace insert. Affordable price is also seen mentioned.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

One review was a bit upset with the fact that their fireplace insert of theirs runs loud during its operation. Another thinks the background is cheaply made.

2.R.W.FLAME 32″ Electric Fireplace Insert,Freestanding & Recessed Electric Stove Heater,Touch Screen,Remote Control,750W-1500W with Timer & Colorful Flame Option

R.W.Flame is another best electric fireplace insert you may want to have a look. This construction is done in 32 inch and is best to fit the freestanding electric stove heater. The actual dimension of the fireplace is 24 x 8.76 x 23.3 inch. It is not at all difficult to install and is idea for home or office use.

To features, two heat settings are designed on purpose to save energy when possible. The two heat settings use either 750 watt power or 1500 watt power. You may adjust its heating power according to the actual room size and outside weather. Even better, the fireplace insert has been certified as a very safe product to use.

What Is Great about this Product

The fireplace insert has so far been reviewed very positively. They generally said the insert is not only beautiful but also functional. Importantly, it warms up the room nicely comfortable. The energy saving function is also a plus.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

One review feels the insert is bit vibrating and noisy. It is a bit annoying to them. Another one has got their insert damaged upon delivery.

3.PuraFlame 33 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control, 750/1500W, Black

The third fireplace insert is this PuraFlame, designed in western concept. This fireplace has a beautiful look within its dimension (35 x 8.78 x 27 inch), and it comes with a remote control for your convenience. LED technology of the insert is an additional value, getting the fireplace insert to consume less and save more energy.

Of this construction, it works to warm up your room up to 400 square feet easily. The adjustable thermostat gives you a very good accuracy of the temperature control, in additon.The operation is also very easy you can figure it out quickly. Similarly, the installation of the fireplace insert is made no more than an easy setup. 

What Is Great about this Product

Among over 600 reviews made to this product, 76 percent of all rated the product 5 stars out of 5. That is extremely satisfied, to them, to the way this fireplace insert has served them.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

One review commented about the fact that the fireplace insert does not use anti-glare glass. And, another one thinks the heating unit of their fireplace insert of this design does not work properly.

4.SUNLEI 28‘’ Electric Fireplace Insert, Recessed Built in & Freestanding Fireplace Heater LED Adjustable Flame with Burning Fireplace Logs Touch Screen,Remote Control,Timer, 750W-1500W

Fourth into the list is the SUNLEI. This fireplace insert is a smaller design, compared to many others. It is only in 28 inch. However, to the design, the quality, the features, it is a superior construction. First of all, it is seen constructed with interior brick panel design along with the black wall, making it look quite nice.

The realistic flame effect by the LED pulsate lights is likewise very favorable to look at. The flame setting is made available for your like, in the meantime. The heat settings, on the other hand, are the 750 watt and 1500 watt power ones. You could switch between the two like you need to.

What Is Great about this Product

The fireplace insert is seen to be loved by many of its reviews. They said the flame of this fireplace insert looks so real and beautiful. To them, the product is at its best value. Its overall quality, they added, is just fantastic.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

To date, there has not been any negative comment, given to the fireplace insert yet. Should be there later, we will keep this updated.

5.Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed, Black

As the best seller, this last choice to recommend is this Duraflame DFI021ARU electric log set. This is a nice viewing heater that can warm up a room up to 400 square feet while helping you to save a lot of money over the bills. With the electric log set, you can switch for traditional fireplace to electric easily.

In addition, the flame looks very nice and real. It is best for both the look and heating service. At the same time, this product has been attached with overheat protection. It will automatically shut off when it overheats. Thus, you can expect it to be extremely safe. Moreover, it has an adjustable thermostat where you can set the temperature accurately.

What Is Great about this Product

So many buyers and users are happy with the log set, they reviewed. They said it looks just so beautiful while offering a good heat all over the room. 

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Few others instead agree that this is nice-looking. However, they find the heat weak, poor, and not enough.