Crossbow is actually a fun game for some people. It is a game of precision, and it is so exciting to aim for the target and hit it right. As you have come here now, you might be looking for a good set of crossbow. Indeed, this review aims at finding you the best crossbow to consider. 

In the following list, there are the top 5 which have been selected to briefly review. You could take a few minutes to check out the details of each and consider, accordingly. They are very good ones with a premium quality. That is why you will also find out that they are more expensive than an average crossbow.

1.NERF Dude Perfect Signature Bow Sports Biggest Bow with 2 Whistling Arrows for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Designed for both kids and adults, our first best crossbow review comes to the NERF Dude Perfect Signature. This is a nice sport bow design with two whistling arrows. If you are looking for a nice crossbow for fun, this is going to be your very favorite design. And, with the bow, you could practice your colossal stunt shots very well.

The crossbow, in addition, measures about 122 cm long, and the whistling arrows will make nice whistling sound during its flight on air. A target comes included, in the meantime. Talking about its look and quality, you would be very satisfied with it. The crossbow is so nice while it has been made from high quality materials, having a good strength and comfort to play with. 

What Is Great about this Product

Some have bought this crossbow for their boys, and they were extremely happy with the new toys. They love the crossbow, and they love the fun part of playing it. Until now, there have been 240 reviews, and 77 percent of them rated the crossbow as highly recommended.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Two tiny issues have been addressed from the users. One is the belief that this crossbow is expensive while another is over the missing parts in the pack upon the delivery.

2.RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit: LIMBS MADE IN USA | Fully adjustable 24.5-31” Draw 30-70LB pull | Up to 315 FPS | WARRANTY & 100% 30 day GUARANTEE | 5 Pin Lighted Sight, Biscuit Rest | W STRING STOP

Secondly, it is the best crossbow RAPTOR that is recommended. This is more of a professional crossbow than the first time. This is a true hunting bow kit you would very much love if you like hunting a lot. The draw length of the bow is easily adjustable between 24.5 and 31 inches while the weight is around 30 to 70 lbs.

Of this crossbow construction, there is none of the plastic part. Mostly, it is all aluminum. Another good thing about this crossbow is its compound design, leaving up to 75% of weight away. The split yoke tuning system is also a good one for the precise adjustment as well as proper arrow flight.

What Is Great about this Product

Many reviews feel so good about this crossbow, considering it as a perfect bow for a beginner. Of this, they have found a smooth action with the bow while having a lot of fun time, playing and working around the crossbow. High quality construction of the bow has also been mentioned and pleased by many people.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Few agree that this crossbow is nice, but feel it is a bit expensive and not worth the price. Another one has had an issue with the string of his bow, but he experienced bad customer service from the seller. He, thus, did not feel good about it.

3.150 Lbs Wood Crossbow with Scope and Pack of Metal Arrows

Next to check out this is 150 lbs wood crossbow. This is a kit with also the metal arrow. It is a good pack, brand new crossbow, designed and constructed for your practice. The scope is 4 x 20, and the arrows are plenty for your fun time. If you are looking for such a crossbow, then this one will do you good.

The overall quality, performance, and durability are as well great, giving it a good chance to serve you well. To many who have got his, they find it an entertaining toy they have had a lot of excitement with.

What Is Great about this Product

So many people, through their reviews, are seen the very happy customers. They are delighted with the overall performance, quality, construction as well as the affordable price of the crossbow. For the overall rating, it gets 3.8 out of 5 stars.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Some customers, instead, said the crossboss is not bad, surely, but they could find another one better than this, with the price.

4.Killer Instinct Crossbows Brawler 400 FPS Crossbow Pro Package Kit, Camo, with 4×32 Illuminated Scope, Ultra-Light and Compact

To the fourth recommendation, it comes to the very professional crossbow. This is available in a kit along with the illuminated scope (4×32). The crossbow, just like you can see in the above picture, is very designed, especially the added REVCAM technology to enhance and increase the power and speed to make the best shot.

The crossbow could do up to 400 FPS bolt as its flying speed. In addition, it features the Max Footpad Stirrup. That is for a comfortable cocking of the crossbow. The surface area, on the other hand, is made quite ergonomically. Its multi-position adjustment is another great feature of this crossbow construction.

What Is Great about this Product

Users find the crossbow very pleasantly satisfied. It is extremely powerful, light, and stylish. That makes a good fun, playing with the crossbow. Some also enjoy a lot with the 4 x 32 scope of the crossbow.

What Isn’t Great about this Product

Up to this point of time, there has not been any negative comments or reviews from users yet. Once there is, we will update this for your information.

5.XGear Crossbow 160lbs 210fps Archery Equipment Hunting Bow with Quiver and 4pcs of Aluminum Arrow

Fifth is the XGear Crossbow. This is a 5.85 lbs construction for a fun and exciting hunting. In addition to the crossbow, quiver and 4 aluminum arrows are included. The draw weight of this crossbow is 160 lbs while its maximum speed is up to 210 fps. Length, width, and arrow tips weight are 34.5 inch, 26.5 inch, and 125 grains, respectively.

And, with the anti-dry-fire mechanism of the crossbow engineering, it brings up safety to a high level during your time with the crossbow. Comparing against many others, this crossbow is simply one of the very top choices you may want to take some time to consider. Its affordable price is also a plus.

What Is Great about this Product

Lots of users find the crossbow awesome. It works great for its purposes. People, importantly, enjoy it so much. Some are even happier as the delivery arrives a week earlier. 

What Isn’t Great about this Product

There has not been any negative reviews yet to this particular crossbow. When there are, we will keep this updated so that you have more information to consider.