Of course, there are so many lighting brands you can find online or at the store. And, as you are coming here, it is likely that you actually fall in love with the Craftsman Lighting. It is actually a very good and reliable lighting brand. And for today, we have also brought up some best craftsman lighting for your consideration in our following list. They are very well made ones with a very good quality.

1.Craftsman CMXLLAG65285 500 Lumens LED Lantern Flashlight, 4 Lighting Modes for Home, Garden, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Emergency, 6AA Alkaline Batteries Included

The first best craftsman lighting in the list is the CMXLLAG65285 LED lantern Flashlight. It depends on the type of lighting you are looking for too. If it is this lantern flashlight, then this one is very good for you. It is nicely designed in style while its brightness is awesome at 500 lumens. Its lamp beads is additionally nice, serving the 360 degree shining.

It basically can make your way visible up to 10 meters away. It works by 6AA/3AA batteries, and it lasts up to 200 hours. You, at the same time, can select the lighting modes among too according to the percentage of brightness you want it to work, 100%, 50%, 30%, and 6%. The lighting is actually a practical design with high quality brightness, in short.

What Is Great about this Item

Not a lot of reviews have been yet seen. To the ones available, people are delighted with the lighting, saying it is a nice, bright light. They love the way this Craftsman lighting looks and is satisfied with its quality.

What Isn’t Great about this Item

There has not been any negative reviews, made to this lighting product yet. There may be some a bit later, and we will brief them again then.

2.Craftsman CMXLFAG65280 700 Lumens LED Handheld Spotlight Flashlight, 3 Lighting Modes for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Running, Power Outages, Emergencies, 6AA Alkaline Batteries Included

As also the Craftsman lighting, this is a handheld spotlight. It is beautifully and well made with a strong brightness, up to 700 lumens out of its LED flashlight. The lighting is best, especially when you are out for camping, running, fishing and hiking. They operate by 6 AA alkaline batteries, and it lasts long.

This flashlight, in addition, could show you the visibility of up to 100 meter in a distance. It is durable, compact, weather resistant, and very convenient to use. All these qualities make it a very durable flashlight from the Craftsman you can rely on. Disability as well as 3 modes are available, in addition.

What Is Great about this Item

Overall, people are pretty satisfied with this lighting, saying it is sturdy, well made, nice looking, and very durable for use. Importantly, it brights up very nice and strong. People love the service of this Craftsman lighting and rated it as highly recommended.

What Isn’t Great about this Item

There are not yet a lot of reviews, made into this item. At the same time, we have not seen negative comments, reviewed to this product yet by this time.

3.Craftsman C3 19.2 V Volt Pivot Head Cordless Work Light Flashlight – Set of 2

The third design is this Craftsman C3. It is a pivot head work light at 19.2 V. This is a genuine craftsman product, and it has a nice design as well as very reliable quality. It is operated by battery power, and it is going to last a good long time per set of batteries. However, batteries are not included.

In case you are looking for the kind of cordless work light flashlight from Craftsman, this is a very good set to check out carefully. Even more, this comes in two at a good affordable price. That makes a lot happy with this set of lighting.

What Is Great about this Item

Finding it working great as expected, many view this as their favorite light. It is a handy and good value choice for them, they added. The fact that it keeps charged for a long time is another good thing people feel about this light.

What Isn’t Great about this Item

One review, on the other hand, warns that the light of this they have got is flimsy. He also gets the bulk burnt out quickly after just a bit of use.

4.Craftsman C3 19.2 volt Fluorescent Light (Tool Only – Battery and Charger Not included)

This instead is the Fluorescent light. It is worth noticing that only the tool is included in this package, not the battery and the charger. This fluorescent light comes in a hang hook which can be easily folded back and forth. It thus is convenient and can be used hands free.

It also features the shock absorbent boots, providing a good protection to the tube from certain impacts. Importantly, this light is going to brighten up your working area very well. Its battery is 19.2 V and along with the charger, you need to purchase them separately.

What Is Great about this Item

It is thought as a nice handheld light by many. Lots of reviews are on the side of this light, having found it working great, brighten up a large area. Its overall quality and design are also very good. It is a wonderful light, another added.

What Isn’t Great about this Item

Few, on the other hand, feel the light looks dull and not very dependable. They feel it is a little brightness out of the light.

5.Craftsman CMXLHB5 Hands Free Rechargeable 500 Lumen Lithium Ion LED Headlamp Flashlight with Adjustable Headband and Focus Lens

This last one is actually a nice LED headlamp, and it is also from the Craftsman brand. The lamp is not only nice looking but quiet bright at 500 lumens. It is a perfect design for those who often need to work in the darkest area. Its Li-ion battery, in the meantime, is rechargeable through the USB cord.

The focusing BED bean is even more easily adjustable to focus on either a small or big area. The head strap, in addition, is quite well designed. It is a one-size-fits-all, to be exact. You will not have to worry about it not fitting it well. It is too pretty comfortable to wear.

What Is Great about this Item

The fact that it is very bright and rechargeable gets so many to like their choice of this purchase. People are generally happy with this headlamp and they then rated it as highly recommended.

What Isn’t Great about this Item

Some might be defective units. It quites working shortly after getting it to work. That upsets quite a few people.