As coming here, it is likely that you are looking for some best and cheap fire retardant clothing. Of course, this review is solely to bring you some choices of the fire retardant clothing. If your work needs this kind of clothing, it is important you have got the proper ones of them to help. By the way, spending a few minutes over the following list will give you some ideas which of these you like these you like the most.

1.Bulwark Men’s Flame Resistant 9 Oz Twill Cotton Work Pant

First pair of work pants you can check is this Bulwark Men’s Pant. It is a pair of flame resistant trousers which is made totally from cotton. The fabric of the trousers exceeds the standards for HRC2 and ARC rating ATPV 11 quite well. It will surely ensure a high safety for you.

At the same time, the pants are found to be extremely comfortable to wear, having functional pockets you can use easily. However, there is one thing you will need to carefully check. It is the size that fits you best. Otherwise, no matter how good this pant is, it is not going to be of any use for you.

What Is Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

Lots of people find a good comfy in this clothing in addition to the relaxing fit they have experienced in the clothing. Generally, users are so happy about this, saying it as a great FRC pants 

What Isn’t Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

Of course, there are some complaints along with some reviews too. Commonly, it is about the misfit, either it is too long, too short, or larger waist or smaller waist. When it comes to clothing, such issues are very common.

2.Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Flame Resistant Traditional Twill Coverall

The second option as the best and cheap fire retardant clothing is this Carhartt Men’s Flame Resistant Coverall. With this, you are going to be extremely safe if your work is around fire. The clothing is made from 100 percent cotton, and it is perfectly machine washable.

Even more, this coverall construction is fully right to the standards of HRC2, NFPA 2112, and ATPV 11.2. It is basically one of the very good options when it comes to the fire retardant clothing you are looking for. And, of this stylish design, four colors are available.

What Is Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

Many agree that this is a very nice coverall, having been well made, looking great, and very comfortable to wear. To most, they find their ordered one perfectly fit too. These make them very satisfied with the purchase of this clothing.

What Isn’t Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

A few, at the same time, warn others to be careful with sizing. If getting it wrong, it is not going to be useful no matter how well the clothing is made.

3.Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Flame Resistant Relaxed Fit Jean

Next to have a look is this Wrangler Riggs Workwear. It is a very nice Jean designed for men, and it is assured to be fire resistant. The Jean is produced from 100 percent cotton material, and it is easily machine washable. If you are looking for such a Jean type, this is a lovely one to check out.

In addition, you will find a good relaxed fit, out of this pair. The comfort it gives you let you do your job comfortably. Talking about the durability, this is a very strong design with 5 pockets styling. It is both functional and very durable, for sure. Brass zipper and button closure are also great.

What Is Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

Getting a good fit and a good look out of this Jean is what makes so many people happy with the choice. Some else have tested it and found it passing the fire test really well. This is another delighted reason they have had over this pair of Jean.

What Isn’t Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

Some have found minor flaws with the Jeans while few others either get it running smaller or bigger than their perfect fit. About 5 percent of all are in this category who do not too much like the Jean.

4.ARIAT Men’s Flame Resistant M3 Loose Fit Jean

Fourth and second last, this another good quality but cheap fire retardant clothing is ARIAT Men’s Flame Resistant Loose Jean. It is, from outside, a beautiful pair of loose Jean which is completely made from cotton. It has a zipper closure, and it is machine washable.

The stitching as well as pocket construction of the pair are strong and very nice. It is going to let you durably wear it and store things as you may like to while it is surely going to last a good longevity for you. For the fire resistant part, the Jean has exceeded the standards of HRC2, NFPA20, and NFPA2112.

What Is Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

Many have felt a good comfort and studiness from the Jean while they also think it looks just very nice in them. Such reasons have made many of them very satisfied with the Jean in addition to its very fire resistant quality.

What Isn’t Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

Several reviews were from the buyers who did not get the right size. To them, this Jean is not as favorable, and they ended up returning it for new ones.

5.Ironwear 1204FR-L-TP-4-XL ANSI Class 3 Flame Retardant Polyester Long Sleeve Crew Neck SAFETY Shirt with Pocket & 2″ Silver Reflective Tape, Lime, X-Large

From the above fire retardant clothing, they are all the coveralls and trousers. In case if you want the safety shirt instead, then you had better check this Iron Wear Flame Resistant Long Sleeve shirt. It is a nice, yellow design, having been made from polyester fabric 100%.

It does feature the silver reflective tape to provide extra safety feature for you during your working hours. This shirt, in addition meets the standards of ANSI and ISEA very well for its safety quality. For the flame resistant, it fulfils the requirement of NFPA 7010 standards.

What Is Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

So many reviews seem to be very delighted with the shirt, having found it nice looking, high quality, and true fire resistant. A few mark it as a decent shirt at a great value for the price.

What Isn’t Great about this Fire Retardant Clothing

There are quite some negative reviews, made to this clothing too. They commonly feel a poor quality make out of the shirt, especially over the stitching part.