Checking for some very best adult kick scooter? You have come to the right place. Of our today review, we are to bring you a list of the top adult scooters for your consideration. The selected ones are very well-made designs, having impressed many users. Even more, they are very nice-looking and extremely functional. You will need to spend a few minutes and checking their features yourselves, and you will know the details.

1.Razor A Kick Scooter

Very first one to see is this Razor A Kick Scooter. This is a brilliant design which has been marked as the best selling item of its type. Simply, it has such a nice looking design while materials are aircraft-grade aluminum and urethane wheels. Those are super high quality ones, making the whole construction of this scooter very reliable.

Even more, the brakes and bearings of the scooter are very well done to allow for the convenient control of the scooter speed. Talking about the weight, this scooter is only 6 pounds, very light that you can transport anywhere easily. This scooter is best for both kids and adults, but make sure he or she has to be 5 years old at least.

What Is Great about this Kick Scooter

Many, in their reviews, agree that this is a very nice scooter, which is well-built. More than the majority of reviewers have recommended this kick scooter through their 5 star rating to this item, as a result.

What Isn’t Great about this Kick Scooter

Among all, about 5 percent rated this between 1 and 3 stars, ranging their dissatisfactions on various things. The major ones are the fact that it breaks up shortly after the uses and defective parts of their kick scooter.

2.Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter For Adults

Second design to have a look is this Razor EcoSmart Electric scooter. Designed for adults, this scooter is a well-made and very strong construction. It does come with bamboo deck and strong, reliable frame. The motor attached is 500 watt with high torque. It is going to power your travel well with emission free. 

Moreover, it features a padded seat, which is adjustable and comfortable, and other useful things such as the handlebar rake and  luggage ear fender. Other than this, you would be happy knowing it comes with the rear disc braking system, which is very dependable to control your speed.

What Is Great about this Kick Scooter

Lots has commented with satisfaction that this kick scooter is very friendly to seniors. People love the design of this scooter as well as their features and reliable construction. Its powerful motor is another reason people find very nice in the scooter.

What Isn’t Great about this Kick Scooter

A few have encountered bad, short-life batteries in this kick scooter which they are unhappy about. That is why some also recommended others to buy additional warranty for it.

3.Kids/Adult Scooter with 3 Seconds Easy-Folding System, 220lb Folding Adjustable Scooter

Next is this another adult scooter which is also great for kids. It has such a strong design, being able to hold up to 220 lbs. Even more, it has a good easy-folding system in it which takes only three seconds to do it. These qualities have made the scooter very favorable to many adults.

Talking about the make, this scooter comes mainly from aluminum frame and high speed oversized wheels. These two have made the scooter very sturdy and durable while achieving a good balance at the same time. If you often need to transport the scooter away, this lightweight design is surely among the best options you can find.

What Is Great about this Kick Scooter

Lots of users have got a good fun with the scooter, and they find the overall quality of the kick scooter very reliable. That is why so many of them rated the scooter as positive. Some added that they feel so good about the smooth ride as well as the nice design of the scooter.

What Isn’t Great about this Kick Scooter

A couple, on the other hand, are not really happy with the scooter. One got their parts broken quickly after the start. The others said the scooter design is not for tall adults and is dangerous to ride. 

4.Mongoose Expo Scooter, Featuring Front and Rear Caliper Brakes and Rear Axle Pegs

Fourth design is about the Mongoose Expo Scooter. This comes with both the front and rear caliper brakes, and it has such a lovely design, available in three colors, black, grey, and pink. In addition, the scooter comes with the 12 inch air tires, which is lovely to ride on paved and unpaved surfaces.

Moreover, the scooter has a BMX freestyle design, making it ready for your tricks to perform while you will find the frame and the whole setup of the scooter very durable and strong. Affordable price is another good thing about this Mongoose Expo Scooter.

What Is Great about this Kick Scooter

Many users find it very easy to assemble while seeing it as a solid construction, strong and durable. Basically, this scooter to them is a high quality, highly reliable one. Thus, they perceive it as a great purchase. 

What Isn’t Great about this Kick Scooter

Parts come missing and defective units are two main issues that get some to seriously complain about the scooter they have received from the delivery. And, this account for about 15 percent of all.

5.Macwheel Foldable Aluminum Height Adjustable Kick Scooter, Disc Brake

The last best adult kick scooter in our list is this Macwheel foldable kick scooter. This white kick scooter is quite handsome by appearance, and it is made from very high quality aluminum frame, which you will find it very stable and strong. That solid construction, holding up to 220lbs, makes it superior to many others. 

Other than the mentioned features, this adult kick scooter has a nice pair of brake system, operated by mechanical disc brake, which is very reliable and safe to control the speed. Extra large wheels are another good thing about the scooter, making the ride smooth and traction highly reliable.

What Is Great about this Kick Scooter

Some have considered this scooter as the best choice for them. They like the fact that it is lightweight, very sturdy and comfortable to ride with. They added that the handbrakes and big wheels are another big plus to the solid scooter construction.

What Isn’t Great about this Kick Scooter

One review has an issue with the noise it makes during the ride. Another feels the scooter still has not met their expectations yet.