This is a super toilet design for American Standard. Indeed, you can tell the majority has good trust on the quality American Standard toilets. This is not different. This American Standard 2988.101.020 has proven its performance and has become a very delighted choice of many families.

Nonetheless, if we examine close enough into the design, we could see this American Standard toilet has so many outstanding features that make that outstanding performance happen. To check that through, you could see its details below.

Key Features:

Designed nice and elegant, American Standard 2988.101.020 is complete package. It comes with bowl, tank as well as the seat. For many others, users will have to buy the toilet seat separately. Interestingly, the parts go together very well, making it look extremely nice. Many users have said they love the design of this toilet.

Even more importantly, it is the performance and quality of the toilet that takes the customer satisfaction on their side. This cheap toilet has been made with 3 inch valve along with its siphon action technology to make the flush perform strong, powerful and quick.

Meanwhile, it requires only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This is a super saving feature, which is the least amount a toilet could do. Another thing related to the strong flush of this toilet is its EverClean surface. This is vital to prevent the stain, bacteria and mold from forming.

This toilet has, moreover, made at 16.5 inch high, and this is the comfortable height for many of the users because they could sit down and stand up from with ease. As well, because the cheap toilet is designed with round front bowl and at the dimension of 15.75 x 28.25 x 30.25, it fits so well to smaller bathrooms.

Lastly, while the toilet will be for sure extremely durable by its vitreous china material, the manufacturer has applied 5 year limited warranty to this. That is a confident warranty over their item.

  • Super High Efficiency, 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Smart, Trendy Design to Fit Smaller Restrooms
  • EverClean Surface to Keep Away Stains and Baterias
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Bad Shipping, Arrived Broken for Some
  • A Bit Small for Some Users

Customer Satisfaction over the Toilet

Among those who like the toilet so bad, some said they absolutely love the appearance of this, and even better, it works just fine – no complaint at all. Some others said they like this toilet because it is easy to keep clean while the installation is a piece of cake and could be done quick.

In the meantime, powerful flush and low water consumption have also been mentioned the most of why users love and are very delighted with this cheap toilet choice.

What customers think that should be improved

Bad experience still happened to some users. The two common problems that happened a few cases are the fact that the toilet arrived broken while some users find it a bit small, leaving them uncomfortable seat. However, the dimension of this toilet also tells it is smaller than many others. Users might need to be careful with this.