Indeed, if you are going for a good quality toilet, you have to go for the best brand. That ensures your safer buy. However, many people believe that good brand will charge their products high. Products from best toilet brands will be very expensive. That is true for some cases but not for this.

Of course, American Standard is a top toilet brand in US, and here is its very affordable model, available at around $ 250, that comes in two piece design along with the siphonic action technology. It is the American Standard 2887.216.020 elongated toilet. Below is the details.

Key Features

This American Standard toilet design has a very lovely design which fits best in many restroom decors. It looks just nice. However, what that is even more interesting is it has features that perform smart and powerful to flush the waste down the drain. That is the H2Option Siphonic action which is a patented flushing technology available only in American Standard toilets.

This flushing mechanism has proven to work great in flushing and self cleaning. As well, you will see the button activator which is chrome plated on the top mount. It is there to ensure smooth and easy flush. For water consumption, this toilet design needs very little water per flush. Only about 1 to 1.6 gallons is enough each time, very good in efficiency.

Regarding the bowl shape, this suggested model is made elongated. However, the exact same model is also available with round bowl. Either one that is best to your experience, you can decide accordingly.

Two other things you would want to check out is the toilet height and dimension. This is important to make sure you could sit on it comfortably and make sure it fits right your available space. The height of this American Standard toilet is 15 inch with the dimension of 15W x 28.75D x 31H. Two year limited warranty is similarly included like for many other American Standard toilet models.

As this two piece toilet design has impressive quality with many features in place to perform great along with its reasonable price, this model has gained quite a good satisfaction and popularity among users and American families. If you are going to need one, you could seriously consider this.

  • Reasonably affordable
  • High water efficiency
  • Perform quietly
  • Flush strong and clean
  • Some users are not pleased with the design of this toilet
  • Seat is not included though it is expected

Customer Satisfaction over the Toilet

For Chen who said used to have problem with his old toilet, he liked this choice dearly because he tested and it worked wonderfully for him with just a flush while with his previous toilet, he had to do it twice.

He added that that means he was going to save a lot of water. For Sanders instead, the toilet is said to be easy to use, and it flushes strong and quiet. In short, many users have had impressive experience with this toilet, and they marked it as the winner choice.

What customers think that should be improved

Like you expect, there are always still the issues to have happened. Regarding this, by the customer review, some users have bad experience with the flushing feature of the toilet which is said and proven to be great. However, for Hallam who is one of the users who are not happy with the toilet said his one did not work right even with the second flush.