When you are looking for a toilet to replace your old one at home, you must have known certain information about your needs. In case you are looking for the dual flush toilet with elongated bowl in a two piece design, this American Standard 2886.216.020 might be of the best choice that serves your need perfectly.

For one reason, American Standard is a reliable brand everyone knows. Even more interesting, this toilet design has had many features built in to let it do the work smart and powerful. You may check out the details of those features in the following.

Key Features

Made in a simple and classic look, this American Standard toilet model has had quite a good popularity among the American people. There are a few features in this that makes it happen so.

Firstly, this two piece toilet comes with dual flush. While the flushing is made extremely powerful by the siphonic action for super clean, you can save a lot of water by not having to have dual flush all the times. Indeed, the overall design itself is innovative that is highly efficient and needs low water consumption.

It needs just between 1 and 1.6 gallons of water per flush. In addition, the American Standard 2886.216.020 has as well been produced for comfort. It has an ergonomic, elongated bowl design, and the toilet height is 17.5 inch including the toilet seat. This is the height which is found to be comfortable for most.

For longevity, there is not a worry with this American Standard toilet. It is made from Vitreous China, a type of ceramic to keep the toilet lasting long. Moreover, you might have to see if the measurement of this toilet fits your space.

Its dimension is 15W x 28.75D x 29.5H. For color, white, linen and bone are available for your selection. In the meantime, two year warranty has been included to confirm your confidence in getting this toilet home without a worry.

  • Ever clean by the powerful flush
  • Simple but innovative design
  • Low water consumption – only around 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Designed for high comfort
  • Seat is not included
  • The flush sometimes gets stuck

Customer Satisfaction over the Toilet

we look at the review rate of this toilet, it is marked 4.5 stars. This shows the majority of the buyers, through their experience using the toilet, are delighted with their choice. In that, many users share agreement that the flushing mechanism of this toilet is strong, and it flushes very well.

Even better, the flush works so quietly that it is not annoying. Some other users are happy with this toilet because it really works with less water needed. Importantly, it saves up the bill. Likewise, installing seems not to be a problem for many. According to many reviews, it could be done well and quick.

What customers think that should be improved

Though generally, this toilet has been a great deal, there are a few buyers who had difficulties using it. For a common issue, it is the problem with button going stuck by time.

Another similar one is there are times that the flush is not strong enough like needed. Other than that, there are issue with shipping. Some buyers received it with some parts broken.