American Standard is one of the most reliable brands of best toilets these days, and if you are looking for the best wall mounted toilet to replace your old one, this American Standard 2093.100.020 is the most recommended one and will do the work very well.

Indeed,  wall-hung or wall mounted toilet is not widely produced recently and not many of them are available to choose. However, according to our team’s research and reviews of the available ones, this design has many superior features to be a top choice as a wall-hung toilet.

Key Features:

American Standard 2093.100.020 is a toilet design which is extremely ergonomic and can be wall mounted strong with good secure for your use. This wall hung toilet is best known for its powerful flushing function by pressure assistance. This simply means it will push the waste down to the drain and clean up itself perfectly by just one flush. I

n the meantime, this American Standard wall mounted toilet has been made to work very efficiently. It needs only about 1.6 gallons to flush well while many others might take up to 3.5 gallons of water.

For comfort reason, the bowl is made elongated with the height of 14.5 inch that is just right for many people. In addition, since this model is constructed by the vitreous China which is a type of high quality ceramic, the toilet will stand for a long lasting use.

Besides performance, high efficiency, comfort and durability, this American Standard toilet model has also been recognized as a stylish design which could transform the look of your bathroom to another fashion.

  • Wall-mounted and easy to install
  • Low Consumption but powerful flushing
  • Elongated bowl and comfortable sit
  • High Durability by Vitreous China and trendy design
  • Cost over $ 500
  • Seat has to be bought separately

Customer Satisfaction over the Toilet

Overall, this American Standard wall-hung toilet has been rated 4 of out 5 stars. This basically reflects a high satisfaction over the items. In that, many users are so delighted about its powerful flushing mechanism which let it flush the waste down perfectly with ease. Some other users feel good when they could install this toilet easily when trying to replace to the old one.

At the same time, there are also users who have stressed on the elegant design of this toilet in addition to the fact that they have had a better experience with this wall mounted toilet to their old ones. The overall quality of this toilet seems to be impressive to the majority of the users.

What customers think that should be improved

However, among all the buyers, there are a few who have actually not had good experience with this toilet. For one user, they rated the the toilet only one star out of five, and the reason is their toilet was delivered with the browl.

For another user who rated the toilet 3 stars have reviewed this toilet quality as inconsistent since three same models were bought, but they all come different.