Love Tip 002 – Dealing with Broken Heart Moment

Everyone in the world will experience the relationship if they live long enough. That is the ultimate truth no one can argue against. And, when you go through the relationship process, pain and unbelievable happiness are there. These two sets of things are naturally attached to relationship. During the happiness period, it is surely not my business to tell you how to enjoy. We feel damn good like flying without wings. Instead, hell comes when the relationship becomes broken and both start to feel so bad about each other. Some could save back the relationship while some will have to leave each other. In whatever form it is, there is so much pain there.

…and, today, we are going to give a quick tip that might greatly help you.

Yes, indeed, go ahead study the person well before getting into a relationship, and when the problem arrives, solve and save the relationships. Certain ups and downs are very normal. However, if you are really sure that you cant go on, there is not a reason to stay. Follow your gut and make the decision. In any period of that you feel extreme pain and sadness, remember this:

The 1 most enemy is time. No matter how bad the mood is when you break up, time will heal things gradually. So, it is really important that you do not make silly decisions over an unstable mood. And, the rest is taking a good care of your mind and health. Time passes by, and you will able to start a new life again happily.

In tackling with your mood, if you need, you may try some simple meditation. It helps you to not get to the bad memory too much of your broken relationship. Meditate and be mindful, and you will more relax.

The second enemy is memory. Memory of your relationship could be attached with good or bad mood, and they produce anger, regret, and more. Accepting that these things are normal and be positive to let them go. It is only a small piece of a relationship or a natural thing of a life. Learning to forgive and accept yourselves and others. This will help you be more gentle with the bad mood, and the negative energy disturbing yourself will start to fate away.

Finally, stay calm, be positive, and wait to start a new happier relationship…!!!!

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