Love Tip 001 – What Lies in a Lasting Relationship?

Relationship consists of an extreme happiness as well as the terrible pain when it does not happen right. And, nobody wants to experience a broken relationship while many have gone through the period. Thus, the big question many ask is “What lies in a lasting relationship?” How to make a relationship last is how you are going to incorporate the following points into your way of relationship.

1. Acceptance

Once two people in the perfect stage of relationship. Both tend not to see each other’s negative points. Love is blind, as it is said. These both people are enjoying their time to the max. However, the emotion does fate away soon or later. This is an important period of any relationship. If two people are going to love each other for long, they have to learn to accept each others’ negative side. Of course, everyone has the negative sides. Thus, being more patient with each other, being more forgiving, and being more adapting to each other is a requirement for a lasting relationship.


Without trust, a relationship would become so confusing. Two people who share lives together, and you can imagine what if one or both do not trust each other. Problems will happen, and they will pile up until one day things have gone out of control. The explosion might end the relationship. Thus, learning to trust cleverly over each other is extremely necessary for a relationship to last.

3. Compassion

This third one is terribly important. For most of the time, if you study your affection on somebody else, and when you go deeper and deeper, you know the person you really love is yourself. The way one loves someone else, by its natural affection, is so egoful and selfish. In many of the time, when having problems both side want the others to change, and they believe that would save the relationship. Normally, people love with very much conditions. Compassion is a true deep understanding that makes the love so pure with loving kindness. If you can enrich and grow up compassion within your relationship, you are going to feel better and become more successful about your relationship than others.

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