Life Tip 002 – Study the Anatomy of Your Own Psychology

Attention please!!! Many people would be talking about the meaning of life. They said they were trying their best to work to achieve things of their desire, and that makes them feel like their life is meaningful. Some others think if they could help people around, that is their meaningful life. The definition of a meaningful life goes on and on based on an individual.

The question is “why?” and, why is the definition can’t just be one for all? The answer simply lies in a world “Illusion”. What if I tell you life has not had any definition. It is us, without right understanding, creating the illusion inside us, and we will drag us around for the whole life, wanting to achieve it.

Have you ever wonder why so many rich people are not happy? Do you know why so many people forget their presence and just want to be the future? It is all about the internal psychology and nature of human mind that makes up a lot of fake but real suffering for everyone. Thus, studying your thinking system, perceptual system, belief system, and all the internal operation one has is extremely an important thing to live a rightful happy life.

Till here, I still want to give you another question. An exactly same ugly ance, if it appears on my face, as a young country side boy, and if it appears on a beautiful famous actress’s face would hurt the two persons at a different level. This is for sure natural and unarguable, right? The question is “why?” when it is just the exact same ance.  That lies in what you think who you are. That breeds out how important your beauty is.

This internal psychology is called “attachment”.  It is how your mind is bonded to an expectation. When beauty is not that important, one or a few ances on my face are ok. But, if I am a famous beautiful actress whom everyone knows, surely, I need to be beautiful at all time. That is why a little bit of ance is so annoying. That attachment decides what makes you happy and what not!!!

This is just one example. What I am trying to say is if you start to observe yourselves, you will learn about the internal system of your mind or psychology. And, so what? You simply can adjust and live with peace with those attachments to adjust.

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