Life Tip 001 – Be Aware of Your Own Emotional Fluctuation

In a relationship, people say either I am happy or It hurts so bad. At work, people say I am so exciting with my achieve, and when bad things happen, they say I am sad. What really hurts or makes a happiness? Naturally, life as a human has a internal system to translate intake information from skin, eyes, ears, mouths, and nose as negative or positive. Once we experience positive sensation of whichever a flavor, we react as a form of happiness, and when it is not you seem to feel bad about it.

As the nature of life, these two things take turn and continue to happen on us until we die. It is happy, and it is unhappy. It is unhappy, and it is happy. Thus, the only solution is to shorten, to the best, the unhappiness, and instead prolong the happiness. that is how you become happier by having less unhappiness. To do so, you really need a sharp, smart awareness which is a mind’s tool.

Clever awareness could detect our emotional fluctuation, and when awareness sends you the shifting, you know what to do about it. For example, you receive a news which you translate as a good news, the energy inside tends to be positive, and it makes you, more or less, happier. With good awareness, you are aware of the situation that you are happy now. And, instead, when it is the bad one that comes, you would feel more of the negative energy. That makes sadness happen. Once you get to realize such thing on time, it will not go deeper and make larger unhappiness. You really need to drag yourself away from the mood.

This is simply how observing and detecting the emotional fluctuation is important. But, again, how to do this? Awareness is the tool. And, the key is developing smart awareness inside your own mind. To do so, meditation is of a great mean. You can site somewhere quietly, relax and observe yours thought and the mood it brings up. From time to time, the practice will build your existing awareness for strong signal detection system. And, next would be it coming out for you to use right.

….and you will be having a much happy life.

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