The 5 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses Win the Most Crush

Normally, there is often a discussion about the most beautiful women in each country. Indeed, beautiful women is often the topic, and it is naturally with a lot of interest. Mostly, the most beautiful women selected are from the most famous actresses. For sure, being attractively and uniquely beautiful is a main criteria to get famous in anywhere around the world. For now, we will check out who the most beautiful women are in Chinese. You are going to see the queen of beauty below.

1. Liu Yifei

Incredibly adorable, Liu Yifei is surely one of the most beautiful women in Chinese and around the world. This actress is simply very attractive with her face shape and her crushful smile. Additionally, she is such a talent woman. She was born in Chinese, went out to study and live in the US and bravely come back to China to find her dream career, and finally, it comes true.

2. Fan Bingbing

Undeniably, Fan Bingbing is so naturally beautiful. Her smile, her face shape, her everything is almost perfect as a woman. Even more, she is incredibly talented. She is an actress, a singer, and a TV producer, just to name a few. Of course, pure beauty could not help her to reach such an amazing success in the entertainment world of tough competition in China. But she did it, and she is simply amazing for that.

3. Zhang Yuqi

Within China, Zhan Yuqui is another queen of beauty. None can deny this fact. Zhang was born in 1986, and she is a famous actress in China. In addition to her so attractive look, she is naturally an actress. The way she acts is different from others while it gets to the story perfectly. No question for that, or she could not become this successful.

4. Chen Hao

The fourth is this woman with a beautiful smile on her face, and She is Chen Hao. Chen Hao was born in 1979, and her beauty makes her so much of the recognition in addition to her acting talent. Even people out of China are very likely to know her as she has stared in many productions that become famous worldwide such as the Three Kingdom which she stars as the beautiful wife Coa Coa could not win her heart.

5. Angelbaby

It is said that a picture worth a thousand word. I look at the picture of Angelbaby above, and there is only one world which is “Incredibly Beautiful”. This natural beauty of Angelbaby makes her of one the most attractive women in China and the actress world. And, just like the rest of the women in here, she is high on her acting talent.

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