3 Effective Natural Ways to Grow Back Hair

Hair loss is a common thing to many people both men and women. However, it feels terribly bad when you notice that your hair becomes thinner and thinner. Naturally, hair is an important beauty part of the whole body, and some feel so not confident when presenting themselves t the world out there when the hair part is missing. Because you are here, it is likely that you are experiencing the mood too and might be looking for some solutions if it helps.

It worth noticing that so far, though there are many hair loss products on the market worldwide, there is none that could totally assure that it will grow up back your hair, and the reasons that make hair loss happen vary. It could be genetic, it could be stress, or a lot more reasons out there. Additionally, about using those hair loss products available out there, what that is advised is that if it works, you will have to keep using it. Otherwise, within 3 to 6 months, the hair will start to loss again until you notice it. Thus, I would recommend that you could try organic ways to deal with your hair loss problem first before you should have a try with the expensive products. And, for next, we will bring you to the three effective and natural ways that might refill your thick hair back.

1.Massaging Your Hair

Start having a habit of massaging your scalp everyday could help a lot. It simply helps promote the blood circulation over the area, and that provides a better environment for hair to grow. Remember that you could use your fingers and gently massage your sculpt from time to time especially when you are in shower. You could have a start with such a simple habit to take care of your hair, and it will make it healthier.

2.Customizing your diet

Hair just like any other organs needs certain certain vitamin and protein to grow. Thus, if you could change your diet and include more of the proteins your hair needs. This could greatly help.  Specifically about the food, you may try more of eggs, legumes, nuts, meat, and other greeny vegetables. In short, you have to take care of your food well for the whole healthy body as well as your hair.

3. Meditation

Again, our modern lifestyle involves a lot of stress and pressure from work and family while stress could be a major root cause of having hair loss. On the other hand, stress is too bad a mood to bear. And, with that, meditation has been proven great to deal with the situation. Meditation will bring your mind to relax, reducing your stress and actually, making your life a lot better and happier. By this, bettering your hair loss might just be a side effect of having a happier lifestyle. Talking about the meditation, you may start with just a simple Anpana technique.

Anapana is a breathing technique in meditation. What you can simple do is observing your breathing in and breathing out. You pay attention to your breath and you know it is and it is on. The more you can hold your attention to the breath, you are away from thoughts, and that is why mind and body start to truly relax. During that, you might realize you lost the attention, and your mind keeps wondering around. This is perfectly normal, and you can just ignore that and start observing your breath in and out again. You may start a meditation habit, and you will experience relax. This could totally help your hair to be healthier.

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